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Taking advantage of training and development at FTI Consulting

At interview, you may well be asked, 'Why FTI Consulting?' Your response could include the quality of the learning and development opportunities at the firm.

FTI Consulting offers a wide variety of training to colleagues at all stages of their career, and the Learning and Development team have strong relationships with the business to ensure that individuals have the right skills, in the right place at the right time. 

Your learning journey will start with an induction programme, offering both technical and behavioural training, to help you with all elements of your job. Following this you will find a core curriculum of training covering a wide spectrum of topics, a mentoring programme to support your learning on the job, continued technical training specific to your segment, report writing and plain language training, and numerous opportunities to network and share knowledge.  

Your performance manager will help and support you in setting career and job specific objectives, and will help you to navigate the training options to ensure that you have all of the support that you need.

Professional Qualifications

FTI sponsors its employees towards the completion of external qualifications. For those who join the Economic and Financial Consulting team, graduates will study towards their Associated Chartered Accountant (ACA) or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualifications. Study leave and support from colleagues will be available.

On joining the Tax Advisory programme, graduates will study towards the combined ACA (Associated Chartered Accountant)/CTA (Chartered Tax Advisor) qualification.

If you choose to join the Forensic and Litigation (Core) team, then you will be supported in gaining your Associated Chartered Accountant qualification.

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