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The structure of the FTI Consulting application process

Mention the areas of practice that differentiate FTI from its competitors.

In order to apply (which you can do by clicking on the 'Apply online' button), candidates must submit a CV and covering letter to FTI’s recruitment department.

The application process may vary depending on the scheme applied to, but the general overall structure appears to run as follows:

  • Submission of CV and covering letter
  • First round interview, which will include some business analysis to assess, as well as a more general discussion. There may be a case study based on a real-life business situation.
  • Second round interview with a director or managing director.
  • A third round interview is possible, depending on the programme and competition for places.

FTI covering letter

FTI specifically states that the covering letter should explain your motivation to work in the FTI practice you’re applying to. eg economic and financial consulting (note the different practice areas) . Candidates should keep their answers specific to FTI. A good idea is to refer to training or development opportunities on offer, or to mention the areas of practice that differentiate FTI from its competitors.

Another way of demonstrating suitability for the role is refer to FTI's values: integrity, creativity, achievement, empathy and respect,. Re-read the programme descriptions carefully to establish what skills are in demand. For example, if good communication skills are specified, refer to occasions when you have been involved in public speaking, made a presentation, or written for an audience.

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