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About G-Research

G-Research is a leading quantitative research and technology company. By using the latest scientific techniques, we produce world-beating predictive research and build advanced technology to analyse the world's data.

Quantitative Research, Machine Learning and Data Science

We use the latest scientific techniques and advanced data analysis methods to discover the undiscovered. Our researchers are free to explore ideas, finding patterns in large, noisy and real-world data sets to predict the movements in global financial markets.

Big Questions:

  • Imagine discovering something undiscovered.
  • Imagine beating the efficient market hypothesis with the full big data toolset

Software Engineering

Software Engineering is core to our business. By designing and implementing real-time systems, our engineers are solving some of the world's most complex financial problems.

Big Questions:

  • Imagine writing the code at the core of your company's success.
  • Imagine building the software that finds the needle in the real-world data haystack


We are developing the next generation of infrastructure that can effortlessly scale and flex. This capability allows us to adapt to the demanding needs of the business to process and analyse large and varied data sets at speed.

Big Questions:

  • Imagine introducing the next generation of technology to a platform in real-time.
  • Imagine using industry leading technology to predict the future

Information Security

Keeping our ideas safe and secure is crucial to our success. That's why we use pioneering techniques that predict and protect us from attacks. Together, we're building the next generation of security approaches and thinking.

Big Questions:

  • Imagine being given the remit to secure the data, not pass an audit.
  • Imagine using data and analytics to seek out real security threats

Predicting the future

We use scientific techniques, big data and world-class technology to predict future movements in complex financial markets

Inspiring colleagues

We work with some of the world's smartest people as colleagues, in an environment where learning is encouraged and complex challenges are explored together

World leading technology

We invest in the latest technology so that we can develop and maintain our world leading research platform

Encouraging great ideas

We encourage and value people from across our business for sharing their great ideas

An informal environment

We have an informal company culture and environment where our people can enjoy a good work-life balance

Graduate opportunities

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