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Eleanor Baker

Recruitment Consultant

How did you hear about G2V and why did you choose us?

I was working in Germany and was contacted about the opportunity. I had experience running my own small freelance business out there, so the sales/business side of the job really appealed to me. Next thing I knew I was on the phone to Phil at Düsseldorf airport, on my way to interview! I was very drawn to the organic growth values that g2 has, and of course the opportunity to work in a German-speaking environment, which mapped on to my cultural experience working over there.

What does your role involve and what are your main responsibilities?

A day in my life as a Recruitment Consultant typically involves getting in at 07:40, starting my business development calls and getting new clients on board. Later in the day I’ll spend time headhunting or calling new candidates who have sent their CVs through to me. However, there is a lot more in between that, like terms negotiations and prepping candidates for interviews with my clients. By the time I leave the office at about 19:00, I will have spent a good 11 hours selling!

What training have you received?

I’ve received a fantastic 12 week training programme from our trainers here, which gradually introduced me to areas of my role. However, what I love the best is that it doesn’t stop at week 12.The Learning development teams and all managers are always on hand and happy to help, which makes me feel so supported”

What are the highlights of your work so far?

My highlight has definitely been working with a company that I have a personal interest in – I was over the moon when that happened! And of course, doing my first 3 deals in the space of 10 days. Wait for a bus, and 3 will come!

What Do you Enjoy about the Job?

I enjoy the variety because it means I never get bored. Different clients and sectors, different job requirements and different personalities that I speak to. Everything is always on ‘go!’ and it keeps me on my toes.

What Challenges have you faced?

To say that I haven’t wanted to throw the towel in would be a lie. In fact, about 2 weeks before I did my first deal I was 5 months in and wanted to give up because it is intense, hard work and I hadn’t done a deal. My manager, Phil is always there to talk it through with me though (literally day or night!), and it helps me realise that it’s just a bad day or week. Like he always said: It WILL happen – and it did!

Why do you like working for G2V?

I have enjoyed as a result of doing deals are getting on a 5* company lunch and £250 in Selfridges vouchers. G2 are really generous with these extras when you work hard. It really does pay off!