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Francesca Butterworth

Francesca Butterworth

Acquisitions & Development Manager

Goldcrest offers a unique Graduate experience and this was what initially attracted me to the programme. Having previously gained some experience in a large organisation, I was looking for a smaller company that could give me real responsibility and challenges and the opportunity to work closely with a hugely talented team and learn first-hand. 

The selection process gives you a very good understanding of the kind of person Goldcrest are looking for. It is just as much about testing you as it is ensuring you fully understand what the job entails. You are expected to think on your feet, come up with creative solutions to problems and demonstrate a commercial flair and passion for the industry – all relevant skills when you begin working. By the end of the selection process you will know whether Goldcrest is the right company for you.
The graduate programme is well-structured and provides you with a clear understanding of what will be expected of you across the two years. You have regular one-to-ones where you can discuss your progress and identify specific areas where you would like to develop your skills. 

There is a real team spirit at Goldcrest and a feeling that everyone’s contribution plays an important part in its success. You will be working directly with all members of the team, learning first-hand from the chairman, CEO, directors and architects, all encouraging you to share your ideas and make the role your own. 

The exposure to the property industry that comes with the graduate scheme is invaluable. You are an integral member of the team as soon as you start, working on projects with real responsibility and learning on the job from day one.

I have now completed the graduate programme and been promoted to Acquisitions and Development Manager; in this role one of my responsibilities is to develop one of the Company’s new products – Kör Living. This is a new and innovative take on rented living, merging traditional house sharing with modern co-living communities. From initially conducting our own market research to testing different designs and finally launching Kör, it has been an exciting and challenging journey and I can’t wait to see this brand and concept come to fruition.