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Employee profile

Stuart Brightmore

Acquisitions Executive

Stuart was recruited last year and is halfway through the graduate development programme. Stuart’s role involves a wide variety of responsibilities – identifying sites, undertaking site appraisals, carrying out financial appraisals and assisting with the acquisition process. He works closely with the technical and design teams, together with external consultants, which have given him a thorough introduction to the commercial aspects of working in the property industry. 
Training and development on the programme are tailored specifically to Stuart’s requirements and combine formal training, on-the-job development, quarterly formal individual performance reviews which are supported by regular informal feedback, and annual appraisals.

What Stuart says “Being thrown in at the deep end is certainly the case at Goldcrest. From day one I have been exposed to pretty much every aspect of the business and every day I come across different challenges and opportunities. The learning curve is steep and shows no sign of levelling out, this paired with the excellent training has enabled me to develop at a quick pace, hopefully leading to promotion at the end of the graduate programme. I have had a great time at Goldcrest thus far and look forward to all the exciting challenges that future will present".