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7.9 / 10

(based on 18 ratings in 2016)


"Apparently, as a graduate, there is an expectation that you can be promoted regularly and quickly."
Graduate, Liverpool
"It's dependent on performing well at all times, building and maintaining good relationships, and having a strong personal 'brand'."
Graduate, London
"Possibilities are almost limitless across the globe."
Graduate, Manchester
"There are a limited number of ranks so, although people are at the same level, they can have vastly different responsibilities. You can remain at the same rank but progress through various roles quite easily."
Graduate, St Helier
"I think that, as long as you get front-line experience, the prospects of moving up within the career bands are quite high."
Graduate, London
"It's much easier to move up in ranks when you are junior. However, from what I have observed, internal politics can play a larger part in promotions as one gets more senior."
Graduate, Miami
"Straight line promotion can be time consuming so it's sometimes more beneficial to take horizontal career steps in similar areas to gain further experience while deciding on the most appropriate vertical move."
Graduate, London
"Amazing opportunities. In such a huge and global organisation, the world really is your oyster."
Graduate, London


"The company is slowly moving away from time-in-service based promotion towards a meritocracy."
Graduate, London
"You have the ability to drive your own development and in a company as large as HSBC, the sky is the limit. As graduates, you are given ample exposure to senior leadership and are encouraged to aim high to become the future leaders of the bank."
Graduate, New York
"HSBC offers graduates lots of encouragement to grow and develop."
Graduate, London
"You can't move up until you complete the graduate scheme but once you have you move up."
Graduate, London
"If you have the desire to perform and then deliver you will be more likely to be promoted. Good talent is recognised and many opportunities exist for graduates to move around within Technology and also other areas of the bank. Some graduates have moved into permanent roles within the bank already showing the talent they have."
Graduate, London
"There is a defined line of progression in my role. Technical skills need to be combined with good personal skills and you must demonstrate an ability to work with integrity."
Graduate, London
"Promotions are related to performance and experience. The ease with which one can move up in the ranks reflects this appropriately."
Graduate, London
"Personally, I have a very clear path to promotion with detailed objectives to ensure that I stay on track for the year and achieve what I need to."
Graduate, London
"HSBC is a very large organisation so it is possible but I feel it can be very difficult to get promoted - many people stay a long time so senior spots take a while to open up."
Graduate, London


"Every year the management team will review everyone's profile and plan a suitable career path."
Graduate, London
"Strong performers are rewarded accordingly. However, I feel that the precise requirements of the promotion process can be a bit opaque."
Graduate, London
"If you have ability and determination, I think promotion opportunities are attainable."
"Senior management assure us of great plans for the graduate class to become future leaders; the process for upwards progression however is a little unclear. In technology there is not the typical Analyst>Associate>etc. progression, so much would seem to depend on your sponsor, manager and team."
Graduate, London
"The company, as a precedent, does not over hire during good times and then cut back significantly during periods of financial instability. As a result, there is plenty of scope for progression should you perform well in your role."
Graduate, London
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