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(based on 17 ratings in 2016)


"The bank is doing well when it comes to gender equality and LGBT rights. As they are quite global, there is a lot of ethnic diversity. There's great maternity leave, though the sheer size of the bank means there tends to be quite a lot of competition for some roles."
Graduate, London
"I am part of a diversity-driven employee-resource group committed to this. I think they are trying, but more needs to be done."
Graduate, London
"I am a woman with an Indian and Colombian background. The groups that are available and the mentoring offered are brilliant. There's a real movement going on to support the minority groups, whether it's based on gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation."
Graduate, Miami
"My company has a high-profile initiative for gender equality at all levels of management and the ethnic diversity is very broad in the offices I have worked in. There is a very comfortable and respectful culture for LGBT individuals with some senior managers being very open regarding their sexual orientation. The company is very supportive of its employees and is the key reason I fully intend to stay."
Graduate, London
"I believe we are one of the corporate leaders on diversity."
Graduate, London


"There is a well-established diversity group that holds regular functions, and these events are open to all."
Graduate, London
"HSBC is involved with a Women in markets initiative which has been widely praised."
Graduate, London
"The company make a point to reach out to women and minorities. There are flexible working arrangements for parents to ensure employees have a balanced life."
Graduate, London
"There are a lot of networking events organised for diversity groups."
Entry level, London
"There aren't many women in IT in banks. However, I get to work with people from all over the world from many different backgrounds."
Graduate, London
"There is a focus on diversity and the opportunity to join different groups to promote it. Particularly with gender diversity, there is a key focus to promote and improve gender diversity in management, and there is a lot of support for women."
Graduate, London/Hong Kong
"The firm prides itself on inclusivity and diversity and has dedicated initiatives aimed at attracting applications from students from all sorts of backgrounds"
Graduate, London


"HSBC are very committed to diversity and ultimately the programme is very diversified with people from all ethnicities. However, from my experience I found all the people from my demographic were from private schools and Oxbridge."
Graduate, London
"In my intake of 40 graduates, five were female. I don't know if this is underrepresentation or that not many girls apply to technology or banks. However, in terms of education, I was surprised to find that the majority of candidates were from privately educated backgrounds."
Technology, Graduate, London
"HSBC is acutely aware of the traditional imbalances in the finance industry, and makes an active effort to recruit more women and people from minority backgrounds. The recruitment team has dedicated people working on diversity initiatives."
Graduate, London
"HSBC has a strong commitment, to diversity, with various ongoing intitiatives."
Graduate, London
"HSBC is among leading companies in promoting diversity. Equal and fair treatment and opportunities exist in company due to international nature of company."
"HSBC has groups established for Women in Banking, Ethnic Minorities and LGBT."
Graduate, London
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