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Interview Process


"To apply I had to complete a long online application, followed by numerical testing, then a telephone interview followed by a five stage assessment centre."
Graduate, London
"There was an initial online application form with competency and motivational questions. Then you're sent a mathematical and reasoning test. Then there is a phone interview and if you are successful, an assessment centre a couple weeks later. The assessment centre begins with a maths test to verify the validity of your online score. Throughout the day there are three interviews and one presentation based on a case study where they give you 30 minutes to prepare."
Technology, Graduate, London
"The recruitment process is rigorous, and similar to what you would expect at other large investment banks. An online application is followed by online aptitude tests, a phone interview and an assessment centre."
Graduate, London
"I came through an internship and then a graduate programme with various interviews and presentations along the way."
Graduate, London
"The first stage is the online application, which comprises several open-ended questions and a numerical reasoning test. The next stage is a telephone interview (approx. 30 minutes) focused on a mix of motivational/behavioural/business awareness questions. The final stage is an assessment centre with a written numerical reasoning test, a presentation and three interviews."
Graduate, London
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