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8.3 / 10

(based on 18 ratings in 2016)


"We just moved into a brand new office in Liverpool with brand new facilities."
Graduate, Liverpool
"Great office location and facilities including a gym, canteen, dry cleaners and doctors/dentist. There are, great views from headquarters and they're always well maintained. The dress code is business attire, though whether you wear a tie is dependent on the team and if you meet with clients."
Graduate, London
"Canary Wharf in London is fab with lots of cafes, restaurants, a gym, BUPA – we have it all. The Birmingham offices are not quite as modern but still perfectly nice to work in. The dress code in head office is quite formal. In the Birmingham offices, or elsewhere, it's still business dress but less formal (eg flats not heels)."
Graduate, London
"The office I am in now is brilliant. Very spacious, views of the ocean with adequate amenities. The dress code is smart, which it is essential as we represent the bank when we go on client meetings etc."
Graduate, Miami
"The offices themselves are usually very well maintained and, for most locations, there is a subsidised cafe of a good standard. Dress code can vary between offices but, generally, it's smart business attire with smart casual on Fridays."
Graduate, London


"The dress code is business formal but if you don't have to attend a meeting or have something specific for which you need to be smart, it can be less strict."
Graduate, London
"The offices are a little too grey for my liking but the layout is ideal being open plan whilst the location is prime. I wish they had a microwave on each floor and a kettle but otherwise the offices are great."
Graduate, London
"We have a big clean office in Canary wharf, which includes many eating areas, coffee shops and a gym on 5th floor. Dress code is smart, i.e. suits, but ties are optional."
Graduate, London
"The dress code is not very strict for junior level analysts as we don't have to attend client meetings."
Entry level, London
"Our office in Canary Wharf is so very modern. The dress code smart, always, but how formal it is depends on team you are in."
Graduate, London
"Everything you could need is on site: dining floors, dry cleaners, doctors, dentist, gym (including sauna), coffee shops and stores. The dress code varies between departments but is usually business attire."
Graduate, London
"Business dress in the office. You have your own desk for each rotation, located by your team. There are coffee and sandwich shops on multiple levels in the building and a gym covering an entire floor for staff."
Graduate, London/Hong Kong


"Dress code is standard work wear (for men, shoes, trousers and shirt) Women is smart business wear. Office space is fairly standard, but location is one of the tallest buildings in London"
Graduate, London
"The offices are fairly standard, with open-plan spaces. The majority of employees work with laptops and the offices are generally rather quiet and organised. The dress code varies slightly by role and location, but in general is the standard business attire."
Graduate, London
"We are in the heart of Canary Wharf, with top office design and good facilities - especially the gym."
Graduate, London
"The Tower in 8CS is fantastic, offering great facilities (including a gym of high quality and some excellent choices of food on various levels); however elsewhere I feel that the offices are not as nice."
Graduate, London
"The HSBC HQ is one of London and Canary Wharf's signature buildings. Offices and facilities are modern and well-run. The dress code varies between departments, but is generally formal for client-facing employees."
Graduate, London
"Varies between offices, some are a little run down (Sheffield's two offices), while others are nicer (Edmund Street Birmingham, 8 Canada Square, Leicester Contact Centre). Dress code in most offices is smart casual, but with a little give either way."
Graduate, Sheffield
"My office is in an excellent location. Facilities within the building are also extremely good, with a world-class gym and superb showering facilities for those who run/cycle to work. Dry cleaners/dentists/doctors are also on-site that can help many with busy lives."
Graduate, London
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