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8.0 / 10

(based on 18 ratings in 2016)


"You're assigned buddies from the graduate community. I had two supervisors: one of them was always available for a chat but the other was based in a different city so was slightly harder to get hold of."
Intern, Oxford
"Your line manager may not work with you directly but people are always willing to connect with you, so long as you take the initiative."
Intern, London
"Everyone around you is busy but will still take the time to talk to you if you have problems."
"I had a good experience with this but they do expect you to communicate back. You can't just expect everything to be put on a plate in front of you."
Intern, London
"Communication with my supervisors was very good. We had an official weekly catch-up and met daily in an informal manner to talk about my progress. This is on top of working side-by-side on projects."
Intern, London
"I always felt very integrated and that my direct supervisors were completely accessible. This is probably more of a testament to my teams than anything else."
Intern, London
"I felt very well integrated. We got treated like full time employees."
Intern, Leeds
"They make really good mentors. I had regular feedback meetings and they would always make sure I was well informed with any memos and information."
Intern, Manchester
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