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Interview Questions


"I had to do a role play where I was asked to assess a loan application. I was also asked for examples of when I had shown leadership, enthusiasm for banking and courageous integrity."
Intern, Oxford
"I was asked to explain how I had dealt with a challenge I'd faced and what I had learned from it."
Intern, Reading
"There were many questions about the bank's values and why I was suited to the role."
"The questions were mostly about demonstrating values and behaviours as well as my previous experience and motivation for the internship."
Intern, London & Cardiff
"What did I know about the bank? Why did I want to work for the bank? What interested me in the role? Things like that."
Intern, Edinburgh
"I was asked about how I met the values, where I showed courageous integrity, and what attracted me to HSBC."
Intern, London
"I was asked various questions. One of them was to identify a recent trend in the industry that would be relevant to HSBC."
Intern, London
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