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Interview: Tips & Advice


"Read up on the core values beforehand and remember that you are not in direct competition with one another. It doesn't look good to be constantly putting other applicants down."
Intern, Oxford
"Make sure your CV and cover letter are on point prior to applying. Prepare adequately for the interview process by reading up on corporate banking to know what you are getting into."
Intern, London
"Be confident in your own ability and think before answering questions. It is not always imperative to rush into a question – you can take a few seconds or to think of a possible answer."
Intern, Reading
"Tip: get in touch with others who work at, or have worked at, HSBC in order to gain an insight into the work they do and the culture of the company. This way, you can see whether it is exactly what you want to pursue and tailor your application accordingly. It helps to be well informed."
"Be confident. Research the company well and use initiative."
Intern, London & Cardiff
"Don't be afraid to take the lead and always get involved in group work. Don't think the other candidates will do the work and share the glory."
Intern, London
"I had to do an online application, telephone interview and assessment centre. My tip would be to be yourself and think about situations where you have had to implement HSBC's values. Ask a lot of questions and remember that no question is a stupid one."
Intern, London
"The process involved three tests, a phone interview and an assessment centre. My top tips revolve around being prepared but acting naturally and honestly."
Intern, London
"Just be yourself and don't stress out. The main thing is to remain calm in all situations and to find the rational solution. Soft skills are key in the assessment centre – don't be too cocky or too flashy and don't be shy."
Intern, Leeds
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