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"There were continuous IT issues and occasionally a lack of coordination."
Intern, London
"I was the only intern in my location. I feel it would have been better if there was also another intern that I could 'compete' or share my experiences with."
Intern, Reading
"I didn't spend much time with my line manager as they were very busy and out of the office a lot."
Intern, Birmingham
"It takes a while to get settled in as you have to wait for access to technology and services you require."
"Sometimes you're left alone without any guidance, which can become frustrating. However, these are the times you can show initiative."
Intern, London
"The four-week rotation doesn't really give enough time to get your teeth into anything properly."
Intern, Edinburgh
"There was not a lot of exposure to retail customers as I was not able to have appointments with them."
Intern, London
"Trying to gain system access and the slow computers. The length of the commute I had to do for one of the placements."
Intern, London and Crawley
"The most difficult element is that the team is so dispersed geographically that there often isn't much you can reasonably help with or be involved in considering your location."
Intern, London
"The size of the company. It's both its biggest asset and greatest downfall. Sometimes, as an intern, it's hard to see how your small contributions can make an impact in the bigger picture."
Intern, Leeds
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