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One Small Change


"I'd like to be around other interns more. Perhaps they could be placed more regionally."
Intern, Oxford
"IT equipment should be set up prior to the start of the internship."
Intern, London
"Weekly reviews for feedback."
Intern, Reading
"Better technology systems."
Intern, London
"The freedom to choose where placements will be."
Intern, London
"Set projects so that everyone has a good chance of getting decent experience."
Intern, London
"I would have other teams be aware that they can request the help of the interns."
Intern, London
"Investigate the idea of suggested accommodation. I found that many interns struggled with finding accommodation or lived at home/outside the City."
Intern, London
"Have a section of the welcome day where interns are split into their regions to get to know each other."
Intern, Manchester
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