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Satisfaction with Work

7.0 / 10

(based on 23 ratings in 2016)


"Assisting with spreadsheets/filing/risk work was useful, if a touch uninspiring. I would have preferred more individual projects."
Intern, Oxford
"I was trusted with a lot of work so I was very pleased. Sometimes it wasn't that challenging but, as an intern, I was limited in what they could give me."
Intern, London
"For retail, the project I was given was quite interesting and gave me something quite valuable to do. For commercial, it was less so and I felt that the work did not challenge me as much."
Intern, Milton Keynes
"Very satisfied – particularly with my second project where I was constantly busy and able to implement a new process."
Intern, London & Cardiff
"I enjoyed interacting with customers."
Intern, Manchester
"In my first placement, I was given a project and free reign to organise that project in relation to meetings. I was given hints to help with the direction. In my second placement, I was given the task of shadowing various people to learn by example."
Intern, London and Crawley
"I worked within ring fencing – it was amazing. I learned a lot about customer experiences with the support of the team."
Intern, London and Coventry
"I was very satisfied and was given real work that contributed to my team's goals. I worked on everything from financial modelling to preparing presentations for managing directors."
Intern, London
"I was assigned very demanding work that was held to a high standard. However, the work was not impossible to complete and did not have unachievable expectations. I felt really comfortable with the work and got to discover all about the different parts of banking."
Intern, Leeds
"I got a lot of projects while working in commercial, which I really enjoyed because I like being busy. These varied from payments and cash management to analyst roles. Retail mainly involved shadowing different people."
Intern, Manchester
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