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Donna Berrie CA

Donna Berrie CA

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager, Skyscanner

I’m Donna Berrie CA, Financial Planning & Analysis Manager at Skyscanner. I work with our Marketing and Growth teams, reviewing costs, forecasting results, understanding the trends and assessing how we’re performing against budget.

How was your CA training?

A big change. The learning style was quite different to how I previously liked to learn. There are always people you can connect with who have been through it too and have lots of tips and advice to share.

It was hard work, but it’s been worth it.

Any advice for those considering training to become a CA with ICAS?

I would say it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into, that studying and passing exams requires a lot of time and commitment, but it’s worth it to pass.

Why did you become a CA?

When I first started on my CA journey, I was unaware of the wide range of career opportunities that would be open to be me beyond audit, so it’s been exciting to learn about other opportunities. There are a wide range of roles available, you can work in almost any industry within a finance role.

The CA community is very active, so you can link up with fellow CAs who are out in industry or the profession and can give you guidance, advice and possible access to future roles and growth opportunities.

What’s the most interesting project you’ve been involved with?

I’ve been lucky to get to work with the Marketing and Growth teams. It’s been really interesting being involved with a discipline which was completely new to me, learning more about the marketing world and linking this into finance.

What makes you proud to be a CA?

I’m proud to be a CA because of the opportunities and experiences I’ve had, from working in New Zealand to getting to work for a company I really admire.

And, also, for my involvement with the ICAS Foundation. Being able to offer support to someone else who may potentially go through the process is very rewarding.