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9.3 / 10

(based on 6 ratings in 2017)


"It's sociable with frequent company-wide social events. The company is nurturing and has regular learning opportunities both internally and externally."
Marketing, Graduate, Maidenhead
"There is a friendly culture at Johnson & Johnson and everyone is very approachable if you have any questions. The company has a hot-desk policy, which gives you a chance to get to know new colleagues every day. There are a lot of team-building activities outside of work as well as sports clubs including football, salsa and tag rugby, so there are plenty of opportunities to socialise with different people within the company."
Graduate, Leeds
"The culture at J&J is fantastic on the whole and built upon the Credo. As with any large company, especially in marketing, you deal with a large number of people every day who are all highly motivated and very friendly."
Marketing, Graduate, Maidenhead
"Everyone is extremely friendly and willing to help. People from varying positions are always willing to rally together in order to complete a task or help someone in need. Many people often group together after work to participate in activities such as touch rugby. Socially, it is a great place to work."
Graduate, Leeds
"It's very fun and interactive. People here know how to work hard and enjoy each other's company at the same time. There are lots of events and activities for both team building and socialising. The company facilitates great conditions when overnight stays are required, including great dinners and fun engagement. It's a large organisation and, therefore, has a hierarchy. However, all leaders are down to earth and very approachable."
Graduate, Bristol/Maidenhead
"We have very open offices and most senior members have open-door policies that make them more approachable. There's a great work/life balance where employees are encouraged to leave on time and not work extra hours. There's little hierarchy within the organisation and employees are very sociable and happy to pick up conversations with others. Teams work well within their departments, but I think more could be done for different teams to also bond."
Marketing, Graduate, High Wycombe


"I think the company could arrange more socialising outside of work. More female sports teams, for example."
Marketing, Graduate,
"The culture is very much that of a community. Everyone is passionate about what they do and wishes to develop the best possible products and services for our patients. The flexible working hours are fantastic and all other benefits are extremely competitive. The workforce is young and always willing to socialise and help in the local community through charity events."
"Very friendly with a strong emphasis on work/life balance. It's quite a flat hierarchy with collaboration working in both directions. Colleagues become friends, which is really nice and makes work very enjoyable."
Marketing, Graduate,
"Johnson & Johnson adopts a fantastic culture with an open-door policy throughout. We work efficiently in strong, high-performance teams. However, we also have the ability to work in smaller groups or individually when necessary. Socialising is a big part of our culture – we always take the time to forge friendships."
Marketing, Graduate,
"The culture is one of the best things about J&J. Everyone in the office is more than happy to help you work to the best of your ability. People are friendly and outgoing."
"The office is great – very chilled out and everyone has a chat in the kitchen over a coffee. People on all levels talk to everyone and there is no obvious hierarchy, which is great. There's always cake in the office too!"


"My team is quite small but the atmosphere is the best that I have worked with. Everyone is lively, personable and socialises; e.g. lunch every day, weekly breakfasts and outside of work. Since I started here, everyone has taken the time to get to know me and explain things to me that I don’t understand as I am not nervous about asking questions if I am unsure of something."
Graduate, Inverness
"There is a great working culture/environment at Johnson & Johnson, with strong teamwork and collaboration among colleagues. While sociability could be improved outside of work, it is at a good level inside of work."
Midlevel, Maidenhead
"The atmosphere here is friendly and community-focused with an open and transparent relationship between all functions and hierarchy."
Graduate, High Wycombe
"Personally I find that everyone in the organisation is very open to communicate and network with others, no matter what their role is."
Graduate, Diegem, Belgium


"There is a great team atmosphere, and people are willing to listen to and assist you. We have great sports facilities on site so that outside of work we have five-a-side football, tennis and access to a gym."
Experienced, Wokingham
"Everyone at the company is friendly and welcoming, and socialising outside of work is actively encouraged and a part of the company culture."
Graduate, Inverness
"Teamwork within the Quality Team is good and most definitely required. Teamwork between departments can sometimes be a more of a struggle as people may have conflicting priorities. The culture of some employees can be very sociable both in the office and outside of it."
Experienced, Inverness
"I found that the hours can be long, but then when it is quieter there is a lot of flexibility to leave early, etc. The layout of the office makes it quite unsociable during working hours, but at lunch there is always a group going to the canteen together."
Graduate, Antwerp
"Teamwork at Johnson & Johnson is a key aspect of the culture. As you work 'alone' a lot of the time, collaboration with other areas of the business who work in the same hospitals as you plays a large role. Additionally, the work/life balance is great and getting together as a team or a company is always good fun!"
Midlevel, Wokingham
"The company has a very inclusive and open culture where employees are free to suggest and implement changes, and work in whichever way suits them best. There is a real sense of teams working together to make a difference to the business as a whole."
Graduate, South West
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