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Fun Facts


"Employees at DePuy have undertaken a huge number of charity activities and help the local primary school by reading with pupils."
Graduate, Leeds


"We occupy a 45% market share in fracture healing technologies and we are one of the biggest companies in joint reconstruction."
"J&J created the original first aid kit."
Marketing, Graduate,
"We are the largest healthcare company across the globe and only one of two triple-A-rated companies. This means that Johnson & Johnson has a higher credit rating than the US government."
Marketing, Graduate,
"It's 130 years old and is one of the world's biggest healthcare companies."


"Some programmes include training in the USA! And the baby lotion etc that everyone associates with Johnson & Johnson is the smallest part of the business."
Graduate, Inverness
"Johnson & Johnson won Britain's Healthiest Company in the UK in 2015."
Graduate, Maidenhead
"There are a huge range of consumer products that you may think Johnson & Johnson didn't make, such as Piz Buin."
Midlevel, Maidenhead


"Johnson & Johnson are actually a family of companies that does more than just selling baby oil, it includes the world's largest pharmaceutical company, Janssen!"
Graduate, Antwerp
"We were one of the main sponsors for the FIFA World Cup 2014!"
Experienced, Wokingham
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