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One Small Change


"I would like to see more diverse employees within the very highest ranks of Johnson & Johnson."
Graduate, Leeds
"A more clear definition between Janssen and J&J."
Marketing, Graduate, High Wycombe


"A better arrangement for getting us set up on the internal systems."
"Increased opportunities to work at different sites."
"I'd like more compliance training."
"It would be of value for Johnson & Johnson graduates to connect across sector and country to build a strong forum in which we can support and learn from each other."
Marketing, Graduate,
"Encourage more management communication during the initial training period."


"More interaction with other graduates in the other organisations and companies within Johnson & Johnson would be an improvement."
Graduate, Inverness
"I think the expectations of both the graduate and the employer should be made clearer."
Graduate, High Wycombe
"Personally I think that there could be more structured training."
Entry level, Maidenhead
"Better advertising to prospective applicants would attract more applicants, I believe."
Graduate, High Wycombe
"Having more planned for my time at work would benefit me."
Graduate, High Wycombe


"I would like there to be a little more flexibility in terms of promotion/pay changes/locations."
Graduate, Antwerp
"I would like the company to take on more graduates so that there is a slightly larger 'grad community.'"
Midlevel, Wokingham
"Personally, I would like to have a wider international assignment programme rather than just within EMEA."
Finance, Graduate, Antwerp, Belgium
"I would like Johnson & Johnson to make the graduate scheme a three year course and include rotations across all three of our business segments."
Experienced, Wokingham
"Improve advertisement of the programme throughout the UK. I only knew about Lifescan through a friend who was working at the company. I would recommend that the recruitment team target all UK universities to ensure that all students are aware of the excellent opportunities available from being on the Lifescan graduate programme. It beats all graduate programmes I applied to when I was first looking for a job."
Graduate, Inverness
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