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Relations with Management

9.2 / 10

(based on 6 ratings in 2017)


"We have five key conversations each year with different levels of management that give us good levels of exposure. There's 360-degree feedback from everyone you work with cross-functionally. We also have regular meetings with line management to monitor our performance."
Marketing, Graduate, Maidenhead
"You are assigned a manager, line manager, mentor and older graduate buddy. This means there is a large support network if you have any issues that need addressing. Feedback on your performance is also frequent and constructive."
Graduate, Leeds
"The management team is very accessible. I sat down and had one-to-one meetings with directors to discuss my career path within the first three months of being here, which was fantastic."
Marketing, Graduate, Maidenhead
"You are assigned a supervisor within the graduate programme who is a helpful port of call for your project work. You also have a mentor, unrelated to your current working sector, who is available for general queries or concerns. The support network for the graduate scheme is really great."
Graduate, Leeds
"They're very accessible and give very constructive criticism with the sole intention of helping you to grow and become better. They are very experienced people and are always there to help if you have questions."
Graduate, Bristol/Maidenhead


"Managers work alongside all of the other employees, which is great for a new starter. Everyone up the chain of command is very approachable and I've been assigned a great mentor and supervisor. So far, there's not been much chance for feedback as I'm yet to really begin proper work, but supervisors, mentors, managers etc have all been checking in on my progress and helping me out."
"Managers are, in general, very transparent and easy to talk to whenever needed. Routine updates are provided on the state of the business each quarter with areas of improvement and new strategies identified and implemented."
"If praise and recognition are due for the work that you've completed, or for any other assistance you have provided, you will be recognised for it. You also have a buddy, a mentor and a supervisor who can help you with any related questions you may have. There are regular communications being displayed all around the department and emails will be sent out if any changes have taken place to keep everyone up to date with current events."
"The flat hierarchy makes communication quite simple. I have a good relationship with my manager, who is keen to give feedback regularly and update me on my progress within the company."
Marketing, Graduate,
"We have a structured mentor scheme for graduates that gives us an opportunity to develop a strong relationship with someone senior from a different area of the business. For other senior members within the business, we adopt an open-door policy and have the ability to approach anyone."
Marketing, Graduate,
"From my experience so far, managers of all levels are very approachable and willing to help."


"The interaction between management and employees is very good. As an organisation it’s quite informal and staff make an effort to keep it this way."
Graduate, Inverness
"Managers are very accessible and the majority are great mentors who want you to focus on development rather than tasks. There is a strong structure for feedback over the year, which is supported by regular informal catch ups. Not only is your line manager supportive and approachable, but all other colleagues are too."
Graduate, Maidenhead
"Managers are very accessible and happy to help/support in projects or role development."
Midlevel, Maidenhead
"Managers are always available to employees and enable you to build open and trusted relationships. They help to advise and guide you through your career development and share best practices from their own experiences. As a company I think Johnson & Johnson is good at recognising those that excel in their work."
Graduate, High Wycombe
"Performance reviews are compulsory and detailed. Your direct line manager makes a difference but overall they are really good."
Entry level, Maidenhead
"Employees communicate openly throughout all levels of the organisation. It is very easy to network within Johnson & Johnson, and also to learn more about roles other than your own."
Graduate, Diegem, Belgium
"My manager is very proactive and good at helping me with career development."
Graduate, High Wycombe


"Management have always very approachable and keen to listen to my ideas/comments, etc. Mentoring is heavily encouraged and I have benefited from having a mentor here at Johnson & Johnson."
Finance, Graduate, Antwerp, Belgium
"Managers and mentors are always readily approachable and available to help with your development and provide feedback when required. They also help to monitor your progress throughout the year by assessing your performance in the personal development plan which is put together at the start of the year."
Graduate, Inverness
"When you do well, management ensure that everyone in the business is aware of it. The graduate scheme also allowed you to be involved in huge projects that can really affect the business. Plus, you complete a final end of scheme presentation to the management board which really allows your hard work to be noticed."
Midlevel, Wokingham
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