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Satisfaction with Work

9.2 / 10

(based on 6 ratings in 2017)


"I spend most of my time monitoring markets and share reports as well as working on individual project work, including commercial innovation and competitive reviews."
Marketing, Graduate, Maidenhead
"I was given a lot of responsibility within my role from the first day, which was very exciting because I was able to add value and integrate into the team quickly. There are also plenty of opportunities to take on additional projects, such as getting involved in STEM volunteering at local schools."
Graduate, Leeds
"I'm very satisfied with the work I am given. I feel that it is valuable to the brand I have been assigned to and the company as a whole."
Marketing, Graduate, Maidenhead
"You are assigned your own project to manage so you have lots of responsibility. The day typically consists of working through your project objectives interspersed with smaller tasks, which mainly involve helping other colleagues and getting involved with other business initiatives."
Graduate, Leeds
"The job offers high levels of responsibility, lots of autonomy, high expectations and lots of development. I am responsible for all of the independent and small-chain pharmacies in the entire south-west of England. I build and maintain relationships with these pharmacies to help grow their businesses."
Graduate, Bristol/Maidenhead
"Some of my tasks have included: developing and supporting the implementation of communications activities (including internal events, internal news articles, corporate features and social media posts), media monitoring analysis and dissemination to key internal partners, liaising with internal partners and key spokespeople (including patient advocacy groups, external vendors and regional colleagues) and supporting the collation of information for media requests."
Marketing, Graduate, High Wycombe


"You are given an exciting range of projects with great responsibility."
Marketing, Graduate,
"The work assigned is interesting, important, affects the business and our customers, and empowers employees to perform to the best of their ability. I work on a variety of tasks such as setting up machines, writing documentation and attending meetings to discuss design proposals etc."
"I'm really satisfied. I've been thrown into the deep end from day one with a lot of responsibilities on business-critical projects."
Marketing, Graduate,
"I work with a senior brand manager on the marketing side of our HIV portfolio. I am given a wealth of responsibility and the opportunity to work on large, strategic projects."
Marketing, Graduate,
"My role involves growing the consumer business in local pharmacy for a region of the UK. Each day I visit clients, co-ordinate training events, meet local stakeholders and take orders for our products. It's up to me to plan my day and engage with clients in the way that I see best to grow the business. There is a lot of flexibility and responsibility, so I'm very satisfied."
"So far, everything is very new but we are given the right support and training to achieve the best we can through each rotation we complete."


"My role is varied and interesting. The company really has faith in your capabilities, so within the first few weeks I was responsible for whole areas of the business."
Graduate, Inverness
"I undertake a wide variety of projects allowing me to learn all the key skills to allow me to develop my career as a marketeer."
Midlevel, Maidenhead
"I have a good mix of jobs, from budget management and analytics to campaign development, media and NPI."
Entry level, Maidenhead
"As a project manager of IT projects, I ensure that a project runs smoothly and delivers results from start to finish."
Graduate, Diegem, Belgium


"There is great variety in my role from working with suppliers and engineering teams, designing and conducting experimental research, as well as networking with many different functional areas to help drive projects forward and ensure everything we do is compliant."
Graduate, Inverness
"I have a reporting role for a manufacturing site, and my responsibilities include BVA analysis, franchise, SC and corporate reporting for the whole site, variances analysis, P&L entries and commentaries, and forecasting."
Finance, Graduate, Inverness
"I work on test and learn marketing projects, PPC and SEO management, market share updates and budget responsibilities here at Johnson & Johnson."
Marketing, Graduate, Maidenhead
"My work responsibilities include managing tactical delivery with some strategic thinking for the direction of the brand. I also work with the sales team and agencies to develop print and digital marketing resources, advertising and educational resources."
Marketing, Graduate, High Wycombe
"I am working on sales consolidation for the EMEA region, involving weekly, monthly and quarterly analysis as well as having responsibility for balance sheet items such as AR/DSO."
Graduate, Antwerp
"I am a Territory Manager which means I cover an area of the UK, working with the hospitals in my area. I sell surgical devices, so I go into theatre and support the surgeons and theatre teams with set up and use of the devices. My favourite part of the role is the training - whether it is a quick run through of products, or arranging a day where surgeons get to improve their skills."
Midlevel, Wokingham
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