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Interview: Tips & Advice


"I first filled out an application form and then was invited to take part in psychometric tests. Once passed, I then moved onto a video interview and finally an assessment day. The assessment day was the best one I had been on as I felt at ease and was encouraged to show myself. It wasn't hard and you could tell that they were looking for members of a team, not just screening to get through the sheer number of people. My advice is to know the J&J credo inside and out!"
Finance, Placement Student, Wokingham, UK
"I read up about the J&J credo when researching the company before applying. This plays a huge part in the business and played a large role in my assessment centre. I'd suggest reading the credo to understand the qualities that J&J looks for in a good candidate."
Distribution, Placement Student, Leeds
"Be analytical and use data to inform your opinions. Also, be ready to listen and learn. Remember that not everyone knows everything so discussions are important. Have good teamwork skills and interpersonal skills. Also, have good organisational skills."
Placement Student, Maidenhead
"Make sure you really get the reason why you want to work there across and, if you're interested in a specific brand or area of work, say so! Don't be afraid as everyone is incredibly nice. Go into the interviews being who you are, nobody will be trying to trip you up."
Marketing, Placement Student, Dublin, Ireland
"Research J&J and be clear about why you want to work here. Reflect on your skills and how they would apply to your chosen role."
Finance, Placement Student, Wokingham, Reading
"I had to submit my application, take online logic tests, answer written questions and take a video interview before my final interview."
Placement Student, Leeds


"When I applied I had a video interview and then an assessment centre. You should understand the Credo and the specific company you are applying for. Be interested and ask lots of questions."
Placement Student, Leeds
"You should learn the Credo. Be positive and interested in the interview. In the group exercise get your ideas across but don't speak over people. They are looking for confident people who know when to speak and when to listen. Also, show time management by voicing time limits etc."
Placement Student, Maidenhead
"There is an application form, online video interview and an assessment day consisting of a face-to-face interview and a group task. Make sure you are confident, ask a lot of questions and research the company/products beforehand. Talk about the credo too."
Placement Student, Blackpool
"I went to the day that the company provided for my university for a numerical assessment, a telephone interview and a face-to-face assessment day. Advice: smile, be yourself and remember that everyone at the company wants you to shine because they want what you can bring to the team. They don't want to catch you out or make you fail purposely."
Placement Student, Leeds
"The Johnson & Johnson process is very thorough. It requires individuals to display a range of skills. In my initial stages I completed an online application: it is key to ensure your application highlights which skills you've used relating to Johnson & Johnson competencies. I then had a telephone interview, followed by an assessment centre. The assessment centre tested a range of communication skills, had a numerical test, had a competency based interview and a tour to get to know the firm better."
Placement Student, High Wycombe
"I completed an online application and a webcam interview. I was then invited to an assessment day where I completed several individual and group tasks alongside other students applying for the role. I would advise candidates to work hard, be honest and take a real interest in the company."
Placement Student, High Wycombe


"Be confident and really research the company and why you want to work for them. Look up the characteristics that the company seeks or any frameworks they interview against and work with these in your prep."
Marketing, Intern, Maidenhead
"Research both Johnson & Johnson and DePuy Synthes when applying for the role. I certainly hadn't realised that this is one of the biggest companies of Johnson & Johnson and much larger than the consumer sector."
Intern, Leeds
"In regards to the assessment centre and the application, I would say make sure you do your research on the company and the role and prepare this well in advance. Try and match all of your skills, knowledge and experiences in relation to the job advert so that when it comes to the questions/interview, you have lots of hands on examples to use."
Human Resources, Intern, High Wycombe
"Before the interview, I would recommend thinking back to past experiences, mainly during your first years at university, remembering specific examples of when you have demonstrated certain qualities and attributes (such as responsibility, organisation, etc.)."
Distribution, Intern, Leeds
"I suggest reviewing the current trends in big pharmaceuticals such as where they are looking for new growth and why."
Intern, London
"Make sure that you know about the Johnson & Johnson culture and Credo. Plus, do your research on all the different sectors: consumer, pharma and MD&D."
Marketing, Intern, Wokingham
"Tips I would give include undertaking thorough research into the pharmaceutical industry in order to understand how it functions, and how it differs from other industries in regards to regulations from governing bodies. Another tip would be to ensure that your CV is up-to-date and is relevant to the post that you are applying for rather than being quite generic. It's also important to practise your presentation in front of people prior to arriving at the assessment centre."
Intern, High Wycombe
"It's good for the candidate to understand the structure of Johnson & Johnson from the very beginning of the application process, (i.e. consumer/Janssen/MD&D) simply because I think candidates should be given the choice as to which area they would prefer to work in, and also given information about each of the areas so they are able to make an informed decision."
Marketing, Intern, High Wycombe
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