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"Some aspects of my placement involved too much paperwork. For example, raising purchase orders takes up a substantial amount of time and the system involved is incredibly slow."
Placement Student, Maidenhead
"The pay could have been better."
Placement Student, High Wycombe
"There weren't many opportunities to try working within different departments."
Marketing, Placement Student, Dublin, Ireland
"There's something of a lack of digital marketing."
Finance, Placement Student, Wokingham, Reading


"A clearer description of what the role would entail would have been beneficial in terms of day-to-day activities."
Placement Student, Leeds
"The work can be stressful at times, and sometimes communication does not feel personal due to the size of the organisation."
Placement Student, Maidenhead
"I do have to do a fair bit of admin work. However, if this is done quickly, you move on to more exciting tasks."
Placement Student, Maidenhead
"I feel as though I was led to believe that we had flexi hours, but now I work here I find that it's not exactly how it was portrayed."
Placement Student, Leeds
"In EMEA, people are often away so you need to be flexible and take on as many opportunities as possible."
Placement Student, High Wycombe
"At times when line managers are on annual leave there is less work."
Placement Student, Leeds


"A lot of the work we do relies on others sending through information which can get a little frustrating when you have deadlines to make."
Intern, Leeds
"I have found that my role is quite solo in that I work by myself mostly, and I don't get to interact with others as much as I would like to."
Distribution, Intern, Leeds
"For me, Maidenhead isn't the best location in regards to the commute."
Marketing, Intern, Maidenhead
"Working around different time zones can be a bit of a challenge, and some of the bureaucracy related to business can slow decisions, but these are necessary in the long-term."
Intern, Leeds
"I would like the office space to be a little bigger."
Intern, Leeds
"As there are three offices in the local area, this means some travelling; however, they are soon building a new site so that all of DePuy is in one place."
Intern, Leeds
"In my opinion, some of the compliance regulations associated with the pharmaceutical industry somewhat constrain how creative our work can be."
Marketing, Intern, High Wycombe
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