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8.5 / 10

(based on 8 ratings in 2018)


"The remuneration is very competitive."
Finance, Placement Student, Wokingham, UK
"I would have liked a bit more money in my placement role. It is money that we are expected to live off of and I was living away from my parents and commuting, meaning I had a lot of outgoings and not a huge amount of income."
Placement Student, High Wycombe
"I think the living cost wasn't taken into consideration too much. I was told two different wages initially and ended up with the lower one."
Marketing, Placement Student, Dublin, Ireland


"I am paid enough to live comfortably as a student and have some savings left at the end of the year!"
Placement Student, Leeds
"I believe the pay is good for the work you do and is around the average for a placement salary."
Placement Student, Maidenhead
"The pay is competitive for an internship outside of London. It is easy to access information about payslips and have dedicated team to sort any problems you may have."
Placement Student, Maidenhead
"I believe the pay is very good and will provide savings to put towards something like further education."
Placement Student, Leeds


"I think that remuneration is reasonable for the work I do. I have done the internship more for the experience."
Human Resources, Intern, High Wycombe
"For a student placement it pays well and we receive bonuses throughout the year for good work which is a motivation to work hard."
Marketing, Intern, Leeds
"I think that the pay is on par with other internships outside of London, however with Johnson & Johnson you get a housing allowance too."
Marketing, Intern, Maidenhead
"I am not doing the placement to earn money, it is more about the experience, but it is a fair salary."
Marketing, Intern, Maidenhead
"I am happy with the remuneration I receive, especially as I get an annual bonus at some stage throughout the year."
Intern, Leeds
"I think that the pay is enough to live by, and enough to save and have fun with at the same time."
Intern, High Wycombe
"All student placements offer very similar salaries and I would say Johnson & Johnson is very standard in relation to other companies."
Marketing, Intern, High Wycombe
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