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"J&J is a fab company in terms of the support it offers to its staff. This includes both a flexible working life and ensuring that the opportunities to progress are present. A large focus is put on the professional development of its staff rather than just business activities."
Placement Student, Maidenhead
"Working in supply chain is a job where no two days are the same."
Supply Chain, Placement Student, Leeds
"The people. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming on my assessment centre day. Also, the nature of the role seemed really suited to me."
Placement Student, High Wycombe
"It's a huge company with hundreds of brands within and the company credo really stood out."
Marketing, Placement Student, Dublin, Ireland
"The role itself and the reputation of the company."
Finance, Placement Student, Wokingham, Reading
"I had read good reviews about working for the company online. It had interesting projects as well as being an ethical company and a global leader in healthcare."
Placement Student, Leeds


"The company has a brilliant reputation: it's really ethical which I admire. It's really big so I knew it would offer me opportunities I wouldn't get elsewhere. Everything I had read online from past placement students and graduates was positive, and I liked the people I had met at careers fairs, etc."
Placement Student, Wokingham
"Johnson & Johnson is a well-known company, and the area I work in is an area I am interested in. Also, I didn't see any more placements for drug safety offered by other companies."
Placement Student, High Wycombe
"I heard that the Johnson & Johnson culture focused on giving employees a good work/life balance. Also, I liked that the company seemed to follow its Credo, not just for PR purposes, but because it actually wants to help society."
Placement Student, Maidenhead
"The people who currently work at the company convinced me to apply here: everyone is so nice and really live out the 'Credo'."
Placement Student, High Wycombe
"I'd heard Johnson & Johnson were a great company to work with, they treat their employees extremely well and they have a great recruitment scheme. The marketing placement (job responsibilities/skills required, etc.) fitted exactly with what interested me - and it didn't hurt that the office was ten minutes from where I live!"
Placement Student, High Wycombe
"The company has a great reputation and I had previously seen other good reviews about working here, which were both factors in my decision to apply here."
Placement Student, Maidenhead
"Johnson & Johnson is a huge multinational company in so many different fields. This diversity was key for me because if I did not particularly enjoy the field I was in, there are a multitude of other jobs out there throughout the company. Additionally, the ethos of the company really drew my attention towards it. Other placement students before have also told me how much they enjoyed their job and how much I would love it if I joined."
Placement Student,


"The company's aims and goals suited what I was looking for and the role suited my skill set as well as allowing me to learn and develop key knowledge and skills."
Intern, Leeds
"Johnson & Johnson is a reputable, large multinational company with plenty of training and networking opportunities, where you are given a lot of responsibility."
Human Resources, Intern, High Wycombe
"It is a multinational company that comes under the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, which is a well-known and respected organisation. DePuy Synthes are known for been a global leader in their market and it's an opportunity to learn from the best in the industry."
Marketing, Intern, Leeds
"Johnson & Johnson is a huge, multinational company with a global presence. It is one of the biggest pharmaceutical and medical companies in the world, so it was an easy decision to apply to this company. Also, reading about the culture of the company and seeing how well employees are treated, made this company an attractive choice."
Distribution, Intern, Leeds
"Johnson & Johnson is such a reputable company with some of the biggest brands in the FMCG market which provides so much opportunity to learn. It was clear to me that this is a company that really cares about its employees, which I really valued as a student wanting to get the most out of my placement year."
Marketing, Intern, Maidenhead
"I was attracted to the reputation and culture of Johnson & Johnson. Plus, they gave the opportunity to work for such a successful company that encourages self-development and the opportunity to gain experience in a large organisation."
Intern, Leeds
"I chose to do an internship with Johnson & Johnson because they are a big multinational company that is known globally. I was intrigued by their Credo and the values that they have are in line with how I view work ethics."
Intern, High Wycombe
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