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J.P. Morgan

Relations with Management

8.2 / 10

(based on 12 ratings in 2017)


"Managers that I've had are very open and I feel comfortable discussing issues with them. They are accessible and also act as good mentors."
Human Resources, Graduate, London
"The open-door policy is good and my team manager is always available for a catch up. The region's MD might be a bit harder to get hold of but is there for important matters."
Graduate, London
"My direct managers have always been very involved in my personal career development. Some senior managers (MDs) are very accessible and you get to work directly with them (this varies in some teams though). I have always received feedback directly from the senior managers."
Graduate, London
"JPM is always making efforts to try and improve the way that feedback is given. How this is received can vary depending on your manager but is generally useful. Sitting alongside your managers all day helps communication with them to be generally good."
Graduate, London
"Very good. Everyone is very approachable and senior managers are always available for help and guidance."
Graduate, London
"Managers are very accessible and have time specifically dedicated to the junior population. They have repeatedly taken us out for drinks and they check in to see how satisfied we are with the job. There are feedback sessions organised as well as informal coffees if more contact is needed. Most project teams celebrate a successful project together."
Graduate, London
"Managers are always happy to talk with new graduates, whether that be in a formal or more informal setting. Your manager is always fully supportive of your goals and will do their best to help you achieve your ambitions. There is an active mentor programme at the firm that allows you to connect with a senior person and really learn from their experiences."
Graduate, London
"Managers take an active interest in an analyst's career development and are invaluable when discussing career progression and setting targets. They tend to be very approachable and are open to chat at any time."
Graduate, London
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