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Interview Process


"The application process for Knight Frank actually seemed the most straightforward of all the ones I look at. We had to complete an online application form and submit a cover letter, following this we had a half an hour interview and the second stage was an assessment day including lunch with the partners."
Graduate, Madrid
"The Knight Frank application process is simple compared to many others (no online application forms/essays) but the interviews are thorough as there are a lot of applications for the grad scheme."
Graduate, London
"The interview process is competitive but understandably so as the company wants to ensure they are hiring the right people for them. The initial round at KF is much simpler than at other companies and the final round day really helps the applicant get a feel for the company. At KF it was more about them selling the company to us rather than us having to sell ourselves to them."
Graduate, London
"There was a two stage interview process with presentation on property topic of your choice and lunch with partners."
Graduate, London
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