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Alfie Duffen

Business Data Analyst

How did you get the job and why did you choose to work at Kubrick?

I found Kubrick through a graduate job website. The company and job descriptions grabbed my interest and led me to their website. After reading further into the company aims, I sent in my application. The Kubrick recruitment process is a rigorous one, involving a video interview, a telephone interview and a day long assessment day. The assessment day consists of a range of tests to measure an applicant’s capabilities such as business knowledge, problem solving and technical skills. Even though it is lengthy and challenging, it was very rewarding to hear that I was accepted onto the development programme.

What does your role involve?

Once we complete the four month training period, we’re placed with a client in a role that’s picked to match our abilities. We are with a client for the sole purpose of solving their data problems. Most client placements are two years long, meaning that we are able to fully deliver solutions and ensure they’re effective. Because of the length of the placement we effectively become an employee, integrating with the company and contributing to all elements of the culture there. We could be working as part of a larger team and be given specific responsibilities, or be given a project all to ourselves. As such, activities and responsibilities will vary. Whatever you’re doing, it will involve the application of everything learned in the training. Importantly, we have to uphold the reputation of Kubrick in everything we do.

What training have you received at Kubrick?

There is a 4 month development programme, which covers various pieces of software, taught by experienced trainers. This includes software such as Python, SQL, Tableau and Tableau. On top of this, there is a syllabus of information on the world of data, which is covered in great detail to prepare us for working on client site. There are various tests and projects along the way, which helped in retaining and applying the knowledge we had learned.

What does the training involve?

Kubrick Group is unique in the paid training it offers. The programme takes place over 3-4 months before you go on client side and teaches you everything you need to know for your placement and more. There is a mixture of verbal and practical teaching, and progress is monitored with regular tests and mini challenges. There are also projects that require us to work with data sets to solve real world challenges.

During the development programme, I have been involved in various projects to support and aid my learning. These projects have given me hands on experience of the application of the knowledge I’ve accrued during my time with Kubrick. One of the projects involved working with a real company, where we had to gather information and analyse it to determine how they could improve the quality of their data. After presenting in front of the company, they were very impressed by our knowledge of the subject and plan on working with us more in the future.

What do you enjoy about your job?

To be paid to learn such valuable skills was amazing. SQL, Tableau and Python are all used widely, and the theory we learn to back up our technical knowledge in a commercial environment puts us above most other graduates when we start work. The learning environment is great fun, and when we start work with the client we are given serious responsibilities that allow us to excel.

What challenges have you faced and what support has been provided?

Due to the intensity of the course, there are times where the workload is quite heavy. When these occasions arise, the trainers are very supportive and provide us with the help and time we need to complete the work to the best of our ability. The timetable for the development programme is created to have peaks and troughs so there are varying levels of intensity throughout the course. This means that when we have more free time within the scheduled workload, we have the time to work on our individual projects that build our portfolio.

Why do you like working for Kubrick?

I don’t think there is anywhere else that would value my learning and professional development as much as Kubrick does. I applied looking for new skills and a challenging but rewarding work environment. I got exactly that, and had a lot fun at the same time.