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Bronwen Appleby

Data Management Consultant

"I am a Mathematics and Economics student from the University of Leeds, and I am currently 5 weeks into the Kubrick Training Programme for the Data Management Consultant stream. So far, I have found the training super rewarding and of a very high standard. Having to start the job during a pandemic, I was cautious I wouldn’t experience the true benefits of the training since the majority of it would be given remotely. However, Kubrick have a very engaging and collaborative environment and you never feel as though you are going through the training alone. Everything feels like a continual process, that guides both your professional and personal development. All the trainers are enthusiastic, and they are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure you fully understand the content given during sessions.
Not only are Kubrick devoted to your development but also to developing as a company. Feedback is always welcome and weekly surveys for sent out regarding my thoughts on the quality of training and how I am finding the process. I have also been involved with the marketing team regarding how Kubrick can improve their branding strategy which really makes you feel a part of a team and that you are contributing to Kubrick’s company developments. And although cohorts are separate from one another due to differing data streams, Kubrick are making great efforts for cohorts to interact, learn and grow with from each other."
Bronwen Appleby, Data Management Consultant, Kubrick Group.