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Aleasha Fox

Project Engineer

How much responsibility do you have?
As I work on a fairly small team with lots of small projects, I am often left to run meetings and communicate with the customers on my own to discuss the technical side of the project. My manager will design the project and write some requirements for me to follow, but will always ask me if I have any ideas on how to implement the requirements.

Describe your biggest achievement?
My biggest achievement was within my first year of working here. With the smallest amount of technical help from my Project Lead, I was able to implement my first project. I got to see the project progress from beginning to end, which was a real accomplishment.

What is the office atmosphere like?
The office atmosphere is very relaxed. The office is usually quite quiet, with most people working away with their earphones in listening to music. However, everyone is friendly and always happy to give you a hand or have a chat. We also have a casual dress code which helps to make to office feel more comfortable.

What are the best elements of the role?
The best element of the role has to be the opportunity of travel. As a member of a project team, you get the chance to travel to customers in order to see how their manufacturing process works and discuss the project with them. The destination varies on project, it could be anywhere from within the UK to Europe or America.

Why Lighthouse?
I chose lighthouse for several reasons, the main one being the size of the company. As lighthouse is a small company, everyone knows each other and you can ask anyone for help. I also liked the available benefits such as the option to travel and the free lunch every day. Lighthouse is also a social company, having drinks at the local pub or outside on our benches every Friday. The location is also great. The office is in a rural location, but is not far from London or Brighton so would suit both those from big cities and small villages.