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Lloyds Banking Group

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Di Sheng

Di Sheng

Data Science Graduate

I’m applying my studies to a promising career

“After completing my PhD in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, I was looking for opportunities in Data Science. I heard they were building a really strong team here at Lloyds Banking Group and that appealed to me, so I applied – and was thrilled to get the position.”

Our training culminated in a hackathon

“As grads, we started straight away with eight weeks of training to bring us up to speed. Everyone came from different backgrounds – some of us were Data Scientists, others were Data Engineers or Product Owners. At the end we did a hackathon, which was not only super fun but also a great teambuilding exercise, and we’re all still really close.”

Doing different rotations is giving me a broad perspective

“I think it’s really valuable that I get to experience various sides of the business. This way, I’m able to determine my career goals as a Data Scientist and hone in on what interests me most. Plus, working with a group of likeminded people, who all have a passion for technology, is very inspiring. I always have a ton of questions and they’re more than happy to respond, so I’m growing a lot.”

I get great support from my team

“In my current rotation, I’m working with a Data Science group to build solutions for the mortgage business. My manager and the team have been integral in helping me to shape my data engineering skills, and I really benefit from their experience. Everyone is so supportive, and if I have any questions, they’re always there to give me guidance.”

We do a lot together socially

“Our team gets along really well and we have a lot of fun together. From Cheese Wednesdays (where we try a few different cheeses every week – now virtually), to our Python book club (yes, we’re reading about programming for fun!), to our machine learning interest group. Not forgetting the Karaoke and board game nights, too.”

Don't be afraid to ask questions

“I was a bit shy at first, but I quickly learned that people are always willing to help you – it will only help you improve faster!”