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Systems Engineer Graduate

I interviewed and succeeded in an assessment day to become an intern. Following that I received a letter of intent to return as a graduate, I chose to accept this offer as Lockheed Martin UK Ampthill have a growing department in the Civil Space domain which I was keen to be a part of.

As a Graduate Systems Engineer my job role changes every six months but so far I have worked on a variety of things including Certificates of Design, Trials Data Analysis, Requirements Management,

To date on the Graduate Programme I have have received training in Knowing Yourself, Managing Yourself, Control Account Management 101, Risk and Opportunity Management 101.

Highlights of the work you have done so far include the Early Careers Project, working on engaging Civil Space Programmes such as Space Rider and Outreach Events such as Ampthill Space Mission Control Day.

For me working with people I like and get on with makes my day to day really enjoyable even if I'm not doing something interesting.

As with starting at any engineering company there is a steep learning curve and asking loads of questions is the only way to make it through. This was made easier for me by my co-workers being approachable and helpful throughout my first few months.

My personal reason for working at Lockheed Martin is to be part of a growing business unit in the UK Space Industry but we also get every other Friday off at LM which is pretty nice.