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London Stock Exchange Group

I knew early on during my studies in PPE that I was interested in finance. I had heard of LSEG but I didn’t realise until I did some research the full scope of the Group’s functions, and its worldwide reach. The rotational programme was a big factor in my choosing to apply, as well as the unique nature of the organisation. In some larger financial services companies, you can end up staying in just one department, if not on the same team, while at LSEG you experience several different departments and teams.

My first rotation was in LCH RepoClear, EquityClear and CaLM. LCH is a clearing house for major international exchanges and a key part of the business. I helped the sales team develop pitches to new and existing clients. I also supported CaLM, which acts as an internal treasury and trading team. I was on the team that improves their projects, simplifying their processes and making trading more efficient. In my first few weeks I drastically improved my Excel and database skills, and picked up basic programming necessary for my role. Things that I never thought I’d be able to do, I picked up in a matter of months!

While my first rotation was very numerical and analytically focused, my second rotation focuses more on presentation skills. I am in Government Relations, which involves political outreach and understanding how UK government policy might affect the business. I brief and create handouts for MPs and ministers. On the international side, I help the business, such as the Fixed Income team, liaise with Government Agencies such as the Department for International Trade.

LSEG has an incredibly supportive culture, with many opportunities for grads to try out different things. It’s also easy to get yourself in front of extremely senior people; I have been able to pitch my ideas to a global head. As the teams are smaller, you might be the only grad on your team. This means you work with all types of people, which is great for becoming more rounded and getting varied perspectives. On the other hand, my grad group keeps in touch and we socialise frequently, so it’s the best of both worlds.