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London Stock Exchange Group

The idea of being able to solve complex mathematical problems and work with large data sets through computing encouraged me to choose Information Technology for my Bachelor’s degree. I then went on to study a Masters in Software Systems Engineering at UCL to deepen my knowledge. I was drawn to financial services because the sector uses cutting-edge technology to solve complex financial problems, which is both challenging as well as exciting to work on.

I met LSEG at a career fair at my university. I liked the prospect of being part of a rotational programme, with an opportunity to experience different areas of the business at the start of my career. This would give me a wide exposure and a better understanding of how the Group operates. I was also attracted by LSEG’s strong brand and the fact it is home to one of the world's largest and oldest stock exchanges.

My first rotation was with Virtual Compute Services within SSC Corporate Technology, which manages IT infrastructure provisioning. When I joined, the team was working on automating manual processes for infrastructure deployment. My role involved talking to the different teams to gain a deeper understanding of these manual processes and the proposed automated processes. Using this input, I needed to produce a document for senior management to show them what the project had achieved, and how the new automated process could be employed for future projects. I got to speak to senior people across different parts of the business and to learn about the different stages of infrastructure deployment.

In my current rotation, I am working as junior JAVA developer in Group Technology, SwapAgent Limited in LCH. SwapAgent is a new service by LCH for settlement of noncleared derivatives. My main tasks include building a software application to generate trade reports for clients, maintaining an existing application for better monitoring and visibility of market data and helping my team to replace a licensed software currently in use.

Technology is highly valued at LSEG because everything we do takes place on software platforms. These need to be high performing, secure, stable and highly available, so harnessing the latest technologies and innovations is critical. For my third rotation, I am looking for a mix of tech and finance in order to develop my financial knowledge. There are plenty of suitable rotations for that.