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Employee profile

Rohan Ahlawat

Data Sales Analyst

Application Process Experience 

The application process for MarketAxess was tough but enjoyable. It consisted of various telephone interviews (though they feel more like friendly conversations with future colleagues) ranging from your university experience, knowledge of financial markets and activities outside of academia. The most enjoyable part of the application process was also the most difficult – the assessment centre. Think ‘the apprentice’ (seriously!), in the space of 25 minutes we had to come up with a product, design it, go through the financials and then pitch the product to members of the MarketAxess management team. Tough, but enjoyable!

My Role

Since joining the data sales team in September 2017 I have gained exposure to clients on a daily basis; managing both new and existing relationships with hedge fund managers, senior traders on the trading floors of the biggest banks in the world and some of the world’s largest money managers. Though challenging, this exposure also happens to be the most enjoyable part of the job. For a 22 year old to be building long-term relationships with senior traders ensures you truly do learn on the job at MarketAxess. 


Though confident by nature, tailoring pitches and conversations to the specific needs of the client in front of you is an important skill. For graduates, MarketAxess provide a presentation training day along with business dialogue courses and the CISI Financial Regulations exam for sales staff. 


A Government and History degree as I’m sure you can imagine wasn’t the most informative degree when it comes to the world of Fixed Income. However, everyone in the office is happy to give advice and direction when I asked about Fixed Income concepts I hadn’t come across previously. The important thing at MarketAxess is to balance a can-do attitude with being unafraid to ask about the things you aren’t sure about. Not asking doesn’t helps the clients, the company or your own personal development.

What's Different about MarketAxess?

As a graduate, I wanted a small office environment where I could walk into a senior managers office and have a chat about market conditions, the company and my development. Even as the company grows – your line-manager still sits on your row of desks and senior management doors remain open as always. The additional benefit of this small office environment from my experience so far, is that both hard and good work is better recognised and rewarded than it would otherwise be in larger graduate schemes.