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Emily Swales

Senior Sales Finance Analyst

I applied for Mars in the September of my final year of University. I chose to apply for Mars because of their reputation as a fantastic, people focused employer. One of the deciding factors for why I accepted the Mars offer, was the experience I had at the Assessment Centre. Here I felt that I was a valued individual, and those I met who worked at Mars were so kind and welcoming.

I am now in my third year of the Mars Finance Leadership Experience Programme (MFLE). The Programme includes 3 one year placements in different areas of finance: Supply Finance, Market Finance, Financial Control and / or Digital Factory based on your individual development needs. It also provides an opportunity to spend one year abroad. My first role was as the External Factory and Logistics Analyst, my Second role was the Overheads and Governance Lead (in Copenhagen working for the Nordics Market), and my current role is as a Senior Sales Finance Analyst back in the UK. The programme has allowed me to explore a broad range of roles and responsibilities to discover where my strengths truly lie. I was given the freedom, trust and autonomy to develop and curate my own career, while being supported by dedicated, passionate and bright people who are all committed to our purpose.

The Programme includes individuals from a range of countries across Europe, and as such I have been able to develop a fantastic and diverse network of people. I have been given the opportunity to travel a lot, over the last 2 years I have been to 8 different countries for organised trainings and networking events.

When I first started the Programme, I was given a mentor, buddy and line manager to support me with my personal and functional development. In my second year I was then given a buddy in the first year to support. I have also been able to connect with Senior Leaders across the Globe to further accelerate my personal development.

It is a cliché to say that the roles have real responsibility, but this is 100% true in the case of the MFLE placements at Mars Inc. We are not given ‘graduate roles’, we are given real roles within the company. As we then stay in roles for only one year, this ensures a fast paced learning environment.

Mars have also supported me in working towards the CIMA Qualification, with both financial support and appropriate study leave.

My experience with Mars has been an incredible one, with highlights including: the people I have been able to work with; the fast paced learning environment and new challenges; the International network I have built; the acceleration of my personal development. I would strongly advise others to embark on this journey as well. Being part of a family purpose-led, socially responsible company means being able to do the right thing, stay true to your personal values and take pride in everything you achieve at work. At Mars we do not only believe in creating a better world tomorrow, but actively work towards it today. And that’s why I am so proud to work at Mars.