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Business Group Graduate

I joined the Met Office in April 2018 as a Business Group Graduate. It has been a fantastic place to kick start my career.  After graduating from the University of Exeter with an undergraduate degree in Mathematics, I wasn’t sure where I saw my career going, I just knew that I wanted a job that would make use of the skills I had gained throughout my degree. The great thing about this graduate role at the Met Office is the exposure it provides to a variety of different careers here; my projects have ranged from science focused to business and marketing focused and were chosen for me based on the skills that I applied with. This meant that although I have required support and some training along the way, I was able to take ownership of my projects from that start. I have also been given the opportunity to highlight areas where I would be interested to gain more experience, and this has been reflected in my projects.  

As a Business Group Graduate you have the opportunity to hone and develop your professional skills, working on various projects within a multidisciplinary team; this includes sales & marketing, science and product & technology teams. Business Group works to create valuable weather and climate information for industry decision makers, so they can operate safely, efficiently and successfully.  

The Met Office is a truly inspiring place to work and since starting here I have learnt a lot more than just what I have been working on; through networking opportunities with staff in other areas of the office and by attending seminars which are held regularly, giving people an opportunity to present their research or projects. There is a great sense of community at the Met Office; in my experience there is always someone with a lot of expertise willing to answer your question. Throughout the graduate scheme I have been given a number of opportunities to develop my skills to support my career in the future, including attending and presenting at conferences and formal training.