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6.4 / 10

(based on 5 ratings in 2019)


"There seems to be a lot of scope for career progression both as a technical specialist or a manager."
Graduate, Enfield
"My manager has been very transparent right from the beginning about what it takes to progress, how long it will take and any other questions I have."
Graduate, Enfield
"Promotion is hard to define in the company as a lot of the hierarchy is flat. If you want to take on more managerial work, it will be arranged and you can move out of coding into more management-type roles. In general, your performance is regularly reviewed and pay increases are determined from these reviews so there are smaller and more regular changes rather than one big promotion."
Graduate, London


"There could be more transparency around promotions and salary increases. Maybe it's done well, but the lack of transparency makes it difficult to be sure."
Support, Graduate, Enfield, London
"There is so much to learn in my department that it will take years before I know enough to become a mentor and even longer to become a manager. Moving up the ranks can be difficult and some are confused about how to do this."
Graduate, Enfield (on the outskirts of London)
"Moving up the management line is definitely possible for people who want that sort of career progress. Working towards this is as simple as letting your manager know that you want to start working towards becoming a manager yourself and then proving yourself and slowly taking on more responsibility. There is no formal hierarchy outside of the management hierarchy but there is plenty of scope to become a highly valued (and hence well-paid) non-manager such as a skilled developer leading new projects."
Entry level, Enfield
"I have been here less than a year but career progression seems very flexible with people able to move towards (or explicitly away from) management roles. Experience counts for a lot but a desire and drive to move up through the ranks are very important too."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"The company really likes to promote from within and line management means that you can go into management while still spending some of your time on technical tasks too. However, you don't need to go into management to advance and some employees who aren't managers become technical experts instead. They're not 'promoted' as such but instead remain in front-line technical roles leading development with their extensive knowledge."
Graduate, Enfield, London


"This is possibly a slightly weaker area. The opportunities to be promoted are there but everyone loves it here so much that the gaps don't open up very often as no one wants to leave! This means that the structure stays similar but there are still opportunities, particularly if you prove yourself."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"There are reviews every nine months where your career path is discussed. People can become managers very quickly if they choose to but it is also possible to be very valuable to the company (and have that reflected in your pay) without becoming a manager."
Entry level, Enfield, North London
"There are no strictly defined ranks. The salary is on a curve and ideas are treated equally irrespective of 'role'."
Graduate, Coventry
"Managers are picked on technical expertise more than anything else. We don't have 'promotion' in a typical sense and it's more that people choose to take on different work, depending on what they want to do."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"Within the technical line, you can move to various roles at your request."
Experienced, Enfield, North London
"I feel that this depends a lot on your team within the company. Some teams have a lot of room for advancement, while others do not. In some teams, you can mentor an intern after one year and become a manager (of a small team) within four. In others, the team is more complex and you can't mentor an intern for two or three years and it might take six or seven to become a manager (of a small team)."
Graduate, London
"It's fairly easy. Managers are happy to listen to your wishes and will tailor your development to progress your career in the direction you wish to go. It is easy to move around the company if you would like to try out a different area."
Graduate, Enfield
"The company does not have a rigid structure, which enables you to move into roles that interest you without much formal process. If you want to be a manager, ask. They'll tell you what you need to do and, once you've done that, you'll find yourself with your first managee. This does mean that promotion is a very loose term though."
Graduate, Enfield
"There aren't too many ranks to climb but pay is based on contribution, not just rank, so this isn't too important."
Graduate, Edinburgh
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