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8.2 / 10

(based on 5 ratings in 2019)


"Management are nice people and social events are fun."
Graduate, Enfield (London)
"There's a lot of emphasis on maintaining a strong and friendly company culture. Everyone is encouraged to give feedback to others, even people multiple levels up the management line. There are quite a lot of social activities organised and paid for by the company including pub trips, ice-cream trips, sports activities and weekends abroad."
Graduate, Enfield
"Everyone is very friendly and always willing to help if they have the time and people appreciate that everyone is working towards a goal together. The company makes an effort for employees to be social and there are often new-starter drinks and sports and games are played every lunchtime."
Graduate, Enfield
"There is a high degree of cooperation between teams and they work together effectively. There isn't much hierarchy to speak of as teams are mostly flat-structured. You will likely have a personal manager within the team to help with learning and personal development and to make sure you are settling in. Outside of the team you work in, there is a more hierarchical structure, but no one in that structure directly impacts the work you do. People tend to socialise within their year group and within their team but there are lots of company events where you can meet everyone else that works here. The Christmas party is a highlight."
Graduate, London


"The company is very friendly and puts a strong emphasis on personal development. You get helped rather than told off when you make a mistake. It couldn't be more different from a stiff corporate environment and I massively appreciate that."
Support, Graduate, Enfield, London
"The social life is great and the company hosts events for us most weeks such as putting money behind the bar at a pub to welcome a new starter or hosting a company-themed 'pub quiz'. As for hierarchy, the company has quite a flat structure and you can speak your mind to management. However, I've often found that the most senior member's opinion is the one that we go with in meetings. The culture is good and the dress code and hours are relaxed."
Graduate, Enfield (on the outskirts of London)
"Social connections and activities are really well covered, along with a strong attitude of cooperation and teamwork."
Graduate, Enfield
"The office is a very relaxed place with no politics or petty power plays. I find I get on with my peers very well and there are numerous social events organised each month, from pub quizzes to karaoke to board game nights. Management is very socially accessible with one being able to rub shoulders with management substantially above oneself without it being awkward."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"There are no politics within the office and everyone is willing to help each other. Managers are approachable and reasonable and we have great morale trips and budgets for work drinks."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"There is a deep hierarchy (the CEO is my seventh manager) but the community remains personable (I know my first four managers personally and have review chats with them). The company-wide cooperation is fantastic as everyone is very friendly and willing to pick up the phone out of the blue to help you with your problems if you have an issue. Cambridge is much smaller than Enfield so there is less going on. Even so, we regularly play basketball, table tennis and board games together or go out to the pub for a drink."
Entry level, Cambridge
"The office has reasonable hours and there are a lot of social groups for sports and other hobbies. The hierarchy is not too noticeable either and colleagues are very sociable."
Graduate, Enfield, London


"It's a very friendly office and people often head out for dinner or to the pub after work."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"The office is relaxed. The hours are very flexible and people only ever work overtime if they want to so there's no pressure at all. Managers tend to manage a small number of people making it quite personal and good for development. There are many morale events and social events that most recently included axe throwing and bubble football with my wider team."
Entry level, Enfield, North London
"People make a point of being approachable, it's important to how they get work done. There's also a strong graduate community formed out of the people who started around the same time, it's an open and supportive group. Managers are willing to listen to what you have to say and will respond to your concerns as they don't think of themselves as another better class."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"Everyone is interested in working hard. Everyone wants each other to do well and succeed."
Experienced, Enfield, North London
"There isn't much of a hierarchy. Even though some people are more senior than others, everyone's opinion is given an equal weighting. We work in teams a lot and there is a real air of teamwork around the office. Many people are sociable and we will often spend time together outside of work hours at the pub or for dinner etc."
Graduate, London
"The office is reasonably serious but relaxed and very fun outside of the office. It's especially sociable for new grads."
Graduate, London
"The team in the office is very open and ready to lend a hand (this is especially useful for a new starter). Outside the office there are a number of employee-driven clubs and activities that are hosted in and around the office."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"Everyone is friendly and there's plenty of socialising after work (we even have quite a few inter-Metaswitch marriages). People are always happy to help you solve a problem or explain something to you. However, there are a lot of management layers and this can lead to inevitable miscommunication and inefficiency."
Graduate, London
"There is a great culture with lots of team-building and morale events making for a tight-knit workforce bringing enjoyment back into their work."
Graduate, Enfield
"Mostly great with good morale from most in the office and frequent meetups and lunches both in and out of work time. A few people like to have a good moan though!"
Graduate, Edinburgh
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