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Green Initiatives

5.3 / 10

(based on 4 ratings in 2019)


"There is a sustainability group but this is employee, not employer, driven."
Graduate, Enfield (London)
"The company seems to be trying to implement more and more green initiatives, such as free charging for electric cars and powering the building using just renewable energy."
Graduate, Enfield


"I think we do fine here. Maybe some more bike facilities at the office would be nice."
Graduate, Cambridge
"I can only speak for the Edinburgh office but facilities for those wanting to run/cycle in to work are good and include good shower rooms, changing rooms and a bike garage."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"There are some initiatives going on such as the usual recycling and efficient energy usage schemes. However, we don't hear about plans in this area very often. I think that kind of executive focus is currently more on diversity."
Entry level, Enfield
"The vast majority of Metaswitch's documents are created, used and filed without them ever being printed out. I only know about the Edinburgh office but we recycle everything we can and environmental impact has recently weighed into a discussion about the type of coffee machine we should have."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"I can't think of any green initiatives that the company supports. It's happy to fly employees down to the London office but more reluctant to subsidise the (far more expensive) option of rail travel."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"I don't hear much about the company trying to reduce its carbon footprint."
Entry level, Cambridge


"We could do more. Recycling around the office is minimal."
Support, Other, Cambridge
"The company recycles, encourages employees to take public transport/cycle and does other environmentally responsible things."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"We have no green initiatives. However, we do have recycling bins throughout the offices."
Graduate, London
"I haven't really heard of much beyond recycling."
Graduate, Edinburgh
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