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In a few words


"A good employer with a gentle approach to work."
Graduate, Enfield (London)
"Modern and friendly."
Graduate, Enfield
"A great company for breaking into the software industry."
Graduate, Enfield
"Cares about making you the best it can."
Graduate, Enfield
"Friendly, relaxed and honest."
Graduate, London


"A friendly attitude and enthusiasm to keep employees happy."
Support, Graduate, Enfield, London
"Challenging and ambitious."
Graduate, Enfield
"An open and relaxed company working with cutting-edge technology."
Entry level, Enfield
"A relaxed but passionate atmosphere."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"A friendly community that shares in its successes."
Entry level, Cambridge
"Innovative, flexible and supportive."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"Forward-thinking, transforming and development-focused."
Graduate, London


"Exciting, fun and different."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"Employee-focused and keen to do difficult things well."
Entry level, Enfield, North London
"Friendly, smart and technical."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"Challenging, rewarding and supportive."
Graduate, Enfield
"Supportive, people-driven, challenging and rewarding."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"Engaging and flexible, fair and constructive."
Experienced, Enfield, North London
"Welcoming, meritocratic and eccentric."
Graduate, London
"Fun, challenging and friendly."
Graduate, Enfield
"Innovative, values employees, ambitious and fun."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Friendly, technically challenging and decent."
Graduate, London
"Flexible, relaxed, challenging and intellectual."
Support, Other, Cambridge
Our 'Insider Reviews' are the comments and views of recent graduate recruits, giving you a view of what it may be like to work for an organisation. Copyright of all TARGETjobs Insider Reviews material lies solely with GTI Media.