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Relations with Management

7.6 / 10

(based on 5 ratings in 2019)


"I have weekly meetings with my manager to discuss how work is going. Every few months I have meetings with managers all the way up the management line to discuss my career and offer suggestions."
Graduate, Enfield
"My manager has been very much available for me, which has been useful as I am starting out with the job. We have a weekly status meeting where we discuss how my week went (work and non-work). Feedback is often given and very appreciated."
Graduate, Enfield
"While this will depend on your exact team, I feel that managers are very good at mentoring new starters in general. There will always be other senior members on the team who are happy to help you as well (and help you to learn, rather than just solving your immediate problem), though every manager I've seen has been very accessible anyway. The level of feedback has been fine and there is a large focus on making sure you are given work where you can get recognition for doing it. We do regular reviews to track progress and you are free to argue for more praise/recognition in these if you feel that you deserve it! In general it is a very cooperative process and people are happy with the reviews they get."
Graduate, London


"My first two managers are actively a part of my day-to-day development, communications and product knowledge. I don't have a particularly close relationship with anyone else in my management line."
Graduate, London
"Managers are very accessible but it can vary as to how much communication you actually get. There is an expectation that you will become more independent of your manager over time."
Graduate, Cambridge
"Constructive feedback is frequently given but managers and mentors place more importance on constructive criticism than positive feedback, which isn't great in my opinion. Managers are easy to talk to but communication can be limited between different departments."
Graduate, Enfield (on the outskirts of London)
"Managers are usually very accessible and invested in your development. Some could do with a bit of specialised training in this area though."
Graduate, Enfield
"I have a very comfortable rapport with the two lines of management above me. Access to layers above that become more limited in the general scheme of work. My direct manager feels like more of an experienced peer than someone I am 'beneath' and is very good at giving positive feedback and praise where it is due, as well as pointing out things that I might be able to do better the next time around."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Management is line driven so your first line manager is in daily contact with you on the technical and development fronts. There's always the chance to talk to your manager about any issues, feedback, help or anything else you may need. Higher managers are also fairly easy to speak to and you have the chance to speak to managers four or five levels up your line at every review. It generally seems that managers have a lot of interest in the well-being and development of their teams."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"Managers are good at taking time to aid your learning. Dedicated mentors also support this with performance feedback sessions every nine months, allowing the opportunity for two-way communication about areas for improvement. Praise and recognition could be improved."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"My manager is very approachable and spends a lot of time ensuring that I am happy with what I am doing. Metaswitch regularly sends surveys around to ensure that employees' opinions are heard."
Entry level, Cambridge


"Managers all have small teams and this goes all the way up to the top so you are never far away from your manager. They sit with their team of usually four or five (not in an office of their own), which means great communication and mentoring. Managers are generally only chosen if they are helpful and good communicators, so are generally of a good standard."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"Managers only manage a small number of people and the low- to mid-level managers sit with their teams at the same desks. They are easy to talk to and care a lot about you and how you're doing."
Entry level, Enfield, North London
"Fantastic. Metaswitch has a reputation for training people up and it's because it has really good mentoring and feedback processes."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"We have separate mentors and managers but both of mine are equally approachable. There is never any 'pulling of rank' and the opinions of people higher up the structure are not valued more than other people's. There are weekly status meetings that are really good for providing feedback to your team and receiving feedback."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"Everyone is very transparent. Managers provide a great level of feedback and they are open and honest with employees."
Experienced, Enfield, North London
"Managers almost always have time to talk and listen to any problems you have. They also really try to develop the grads, which is fantastic! They give good feedback, praise and recognition. Typically, you'll sit only a few desks away from your manager so it's very easy to communicate with them."
Graduate, London
"There are frequent company meetings for the senior managers to communicate strategy to the organisation. They are very receptive to feedback on any issue."
Entry level, Edinburgh
"Managers are very open, helpful and accessible. They are always sat at a desk very nearby and are always happy to answer questions. Good performance is recognised and feedback is given often. Sometimes you have a separate mentor, who is your main contact for technical questions. This is a good practice as it separates the managerial tasks from the mentoring tasks."
Graduate, Enfield
"You have at least an hour of one-to-one time with your manager each week. On top of this, they are very accessible and provide constant help and feedback."
Graduate, Enfield
"Managers are very accessible as they rarely have more than five reports."
Graduate, London
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