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7.4 / 10

(based on 5 ratings in 2019)


"We get a very good starting salary."
Graduate, Enfield (London)
"It seems fairly standard for a graduate software engineer."
Graduate, Enfield
"The salary is lower than industry standard for software engineers but it's not too bad as the company takes people with no software background and trains them up. Pay goes up at a reasonable rate too."
Graduate, Enfield
"Remuneration is good at my current level."
Graduate, London


"The salary here is competitive, especially for a graduate. The company aims to be a true meritocracy but I think it still has some way to go to reflect this fully in salaries. There's also something of a lack of transparency, although this is being worked on."
Graduate, Enfield
"The pay is really good! There will be places that pay more but I haven't heard of anywhere that does without also demanding really long hours."
Entry level, Enfield
"Our starting salary is very good for a graduate with no experience in the field and likely a large part of the reason that the company manages to attract such a large number of very intelligent people to apply."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"The starting pay was above anything else I applied for in the industry and rises quite quickly once you take the job. There's also an annual profit share and bonus scheme on top of this."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"Metaswitch has one of the highest starting salaries available for graduates without the high-stress environment that this would normally entail."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Metaswitch pays one of the best salaries I could find as a new starter, especially considering that I don't come from a computer science background. There is a pay rise after three and six months (and a pay review every nine months thereafter), annual bonuses and the opportunity to buy shares in the company. We also have a non-contributory pension."
Entry level, Cambridge
"It's possibly not as high as at other software companies but I think it's fair for my contribution to the company."
Graduate, London


"There's a generous graduate salary that increases steadily according to performance."
Graduate, Enfield, London
"Pay is high! It reflects the quality of the people here and the focus on development."
Entry level, Enfield, North London
"The remuneration is competitive for a graduate and pay rises seem to be quite decent as you progress."
Graduate, Enfield
"I am paid a very fair salary for what I do. Pay is reviewed regularly during annual appraisals."
Experienced, Enfield, North London
"I get a good salary considering that I am a graduate who had no coding experience when I joined the company."
Graduate, London
"My salary started in line with good graduate software employers and has grown at a healthy rate with my increasing contributions."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"The starting salary is good. However, the expected increase over time is not in line with many other similar companies in the industry."
Graduate, Enfield
"My salary is relatively competitive, at least for outside London. It's not the most transparent of processes for setting salary but that's not too bad."
Graduate, Edinburgh
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