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CV tips for M&G

You do not have to have a finance-focused degree to apply and be successful.

Steve Wells, talent development manager at M&G, told TARGETjobs that it's crucial you pay particular attention to your CV when making your online application. Ensure you bear in mind the following when customising your CV for M&G.

M&G will focus on your academic achievements

‘M&G doesn’t focus on the university you went to, the degree subject that you chose, or whether or not you have completed an internship,’ said Steve. ‘We want to assess candidates based on their raw potential across the whole process and you do not have to have a finance-focused degree to be successful. M&G wants to make sure that you have the academic grades that are sought by the firm and that you’re able to commence employment on the start date.

'In fact, candidates from a different background are able to bring an alternative perspective and thought process to the company,’ Steve told us. ‘The comprehensive training programme at M&G ensures all candidates have a strong knowledge base before starting their rotations within the business.’ Each employee on the investment graduate scheme will experience rotations in business areas such as equities, multi-asset and fixed income during their 12–18 month programme, .

Owing to the importance of your academic grades, with a 2.1 degree being the minimum requirement, it’s advisable that you put your education and qualifications towards the top of your CV. List your A level (or equivalent) subjects, grades and dates achieved.

Equally, make sure your degree results (expected or achieved) are clearly visible along with the date achieved/expected. CVs without this vital information will be rejected on that basis. You can follow this information with the other areas that you would like to include, such as voluntary experience. Check out our sample investment and banking CV for help with this.

M&G will use your CV later in the recruitment process

‘The organisation will use your CV during your face-to-face interview and at the assessment centre,’ Steve said.

It’s advisable, therefore, that you include your relevant skills, work experience and extracurricular pursuits that are pertinent to the role for which you are applying. Perhaps you were a member of a student-run society or club while at university and gained experience managing conflicting demands, leading a team and resolving problems.

The skills you gained during an experience will undoubtedly be useful in your chosen graduate/internship role at M&G and will also provide a talking point during the interviews, so also include some bullet points about them. Just ensure the information is succinct and do not submit a CV of more than two pages!

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