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About Motion Placements Ltd (City Travel Review projects)

Motion Placements Ltd is the registered organisation that has been running the CityTravelReview Projects now for 10 years. The projects have grown immensely over the years and the project has won a number of prestigious awards. provides study work experience positions for young people, mainly those that are either gap students, undergraduates, post graduates or those on a career break (18-30). CityTravelReview has Travel Writer/ Researcher/ Reviewer positions in Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Lyon (language learning element included) and also in Edinburgh excluding the language learning element. Project members learn a language, a different culture and research a city and take part in various project related activities such as walking tours, museum visits, visiting historical sites, landmarks and of course all the main relevant entertainment hotspots the city has to offer. Supported within Workshops they create an online travel guide in their work team which is published at the end of the project. The projects' main aims are to give young people the opportunities and responsibilities they might not otherwise get. The projects are not only invaluable learning and rewarding experience for the Project members' that are selected for the team but potentially can also be used as a stepping stone propelling them to their potential! CityTravelReview has recently been voted Winners of the category 'Best for Educational Working Projects 2017' held by the AI Business Excellence Awards. This is for the second year running as the project won under the same category also in 2016.

CityTravelReview was also recently shortlisted in the Innovation & Excellence Awards 2017 and has also won under the category 'Excellence in Work Experience Services'

CityTravelReview has been named one of the Top Rated International Internships of 2016 via GoAbroad.


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The facts

Organisation's locations: 
Berlin & Edinburgh
Employer size: 
11 to 50 employees
Number of graduate vacancies per year overall: