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Why did you decide to apply to Mott MacDonald?

I chose to join Mott MacDonald as a graduate for the amazing career prospects the company offers to its new graduates. Additionally, I had been aware of the company while studying at the University of Sheffield, so applying for a role within the company was an evident next step, given my interest in working within engineering and consultancy.


What did your friends and family think when you accepted the position?

The day I received the call that I was being offered a role at Mott MacDonald, I shed a lot of tears, it was highly unexpected. I had just finished my final exam the day before, so knowing I was secured with a job was an overwhelming and gratifying feeling. Telling my friends and family, they were elated for me, given the role was as a graduate process engineer, making everything I had worked for over four years at university so much more worth it. They were baffled I’d be living in Wales but they quickly came to terms when I listed some benefits of living in Wales, one being my independence.


What has been your favourite moment since joining?

I have made so many memories and had several moments since joining in September 2017. However, my favourite moment would be when I was awarded ‘Best Newcomer 2017’ at the staff Christmas party. This made me so happy, as it meant I had made a positive impact to the company socially and practically within the short four months I had been working. I keep my award on my desk as a reminder and it makes for great conversation when new people come and see me at my desk.


What has been the most exciting project you’ve contributed to?

I am currently working on a wastewater treatment phosphorous removal project for Dwr Cymru Welsh Water. The site is situated in south wales, which makes for a lovely commute to site through the Brecon Beacons. This project is very exciting as I am the process engineer helping to design the new innovative technology for tertiary solids removal. The design uses chemistry and other prior knowledge of wastewater treatment I had gained in my time at university. More so, I am excited to see the technology commence construction and commissioning.


Was the role what you expected, or was there anything unexpected that you really enjoy?

My role is very active and requires frequent collaboration with engineers from other disciplines. This allows me to learn a lot on other engineering aspects I would have never had known about. More so, I was not expecting to be visiting sites so early into my employment. I get amazing support and encouragement from my line manager to go to site from the onset to get a better understanding of site, construction, commissioning and how units were operating practically. This then helps me to apply the practical knowledge gained to my designs.


What is your work/life balance like?

I work Monday to Friday and have my evenings and weekends free. The work/life balance is excellent. Each office has a sports and social committee, one of which I am currently the secretary. We plan meet ups and events for Fridays and weekends, weekday sports games (e.g. badminton club, table tennis club, football sessions) lunchtime walks and social activities to partake in at the office. Staff wellbeing and happiness is key at Mott MacDonald, so maintaing a good work/life balance is so important to us.


Tell us a bit more about you.  Do you have an interesting fun fact about yourself/party trick?

I wouldn’t know where to start for a fun fact about myself. I suppose, a fun fact about myself is that I speak three languages fluently and learning two additional languages. Not Welsh yet! In fact, I use all three languages (English, Spanish and Yoruba) with some colleagues at work. Mott MacDonald really is the perfect employer for me, connecting everyone everywhere.


What advice would you give to someone applying to Mott MacDonald?

For anyone looking to apply for Mott MacDonald, it is one of the best companies to work for, particularly for graduates. The company really invests in your career and goals through the Mott MacDonald Academy. Financially, you have a great start with a good graduate pay. Moreover, you have many opportunities offered to you on a regular basis to represent the company, chances to invest in yourself through attending conferences and training programmes, practical experiences are abundant, adding to your career development plan for those looking to get chartered. Plus, the company supports graduates with the chartership programme which is very career rewarding.