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Fun Facts


"There is a sports day organised by the company once per year where all the offices compete against each other in many different sports. It is very good fun and there is a dinner (and party) afterwards."
Graduate, Newport
"We're the second largest employee-owned company in the UK. Only John Lewis is bigger."
Graduate, Cardiff
"Although Mott MacDonald might typically be thought of as an engineering and management consultancy, you can work for Mott MacDonald Bentley if you prefer a site-based role."
Mid level, Newport
"We are not on the stock market and are managed by people employed within the company."
Experienced, Exeter
"Mott MacDonald has been involved, in some capacity, in over 50% of large-scale renewable energy projects worldwide."
Graduate, Cardiff
"One of the original partners (Sir M MacDonald), of the constituent parts of Mott MacDonald, was responsible for designing the works to raise the Aswan Dam in Egypt over 100 years ago."
Environment, Experienced, Cambridge
"We designed the Twickenham rugby stadium."
Mid level, Brighton
"We are one of the very few (if not only) large employee-owned civil engineering consultantcies in the world."
Experienced, Cambridge


"Mott Macdonald has worked with the Hong Kong airport for over 30 years."
Graduate, Southampton
"We do a lot of work in education in other countries."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"Motts is an employee-run company so the benefits lie with the employees and you can get shares in the company the more you advance in the hierarchy."
Graduate, Newport, Wales
"Our office's design manager teaches Marines how to scuba dive."
Graduate, Cardiff
"We're one of the healthiest offices (Cardiff) in the UK to work in, as we have lots of health and fitness related activities."
Graduate, Cardiff
"The Cambridge office was designed by the company along with several of the surrounding buildings."
Graduate, Cambridge
"It's the first consultancy to be PAS 2080 certified. This is a carbon management/reduction certification."
Graduate, Southampton
"I believe Mott MacDonald was the first consultancy to sign up to the UK government's anti-bribery act. Many companies still haven't!"
Graduate, Norwich


"We have around 15,000 employees spread right across the world - about a third are based in the UK, and six of those are in our smallest office in the Shetland isles."
Graduate, Croydon
"The company works in 140 countries and has 170 principal offices worldwide."
Graduate, Brighton
"We are employee-owned which means we are debt free and every employee shares in the company’s success. Ray Mears contributed to our risk management best-practice training."
Midlevel, Reading
"We get involved in a wide variety of different projects, from the huge headline projects through to minor local schemes, you will certainly enjoy a varied career!"
Graduate, Bristol
"Mott MacDonald has more than 100 years' history of designing and building famous projects all over the world. Through the years, in the UK alone, these have included the London Underground Central Line in the early 1900s, the London Underground Victoria Line in the early 1960s, New London Bridge in 1967, the second Dartford Tunnel in 1972, the Channel Tunnel in the late 1980s/early 1990s and Wembley Stadium and Heathrow Terminal 5 in the 2000s."
Graduate, Croydon
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