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(based on 66 ratings in 2018)


"My team in particular is very flexible with regards to hours. Provided you work the required hours within a week, there is not too much concern with when you do them. You could come into work early one day in order to leave earlier or, if you have had to work late on a project for a few days, you can leave earlier in the following weeks. Provided you communicate what you plan to do and why, there is rarely an issue. You can also work from home if you need to get some personal things resolved during the day."
Graduate, Croydon
"The company is very understanding and keen to encourage a good work/life balance, especially at the graduate level. There is flexibility and plenty of people have adjusted their working hours to fit around family requirements or a desire to work part time."
Graduate, Cambridge
"I generally work from 08.30 am to 5.30 pm with an hour for lunch. Teams don't mind if you're a little flexible with your hours as long as they know, and this can be written into your contract. Motts is generally very understanding with things such as appointments or unexpected circumstances."
Graduate, Bristol
"The work hours are relaxed and flexible as long as you complete your contracted number of hours. In special circumstances, where there is a large deviation from standard working hours, there can be additional flexibility as long as you keep your managers informed, which is useful for those with families."
Graduate, Croydon, London
"I normally work 37.5 hours. The company is flexible on start and finish times but does expect you to be in for 9.00 am. Some staff with families have arranged flexible working where they do slightly longer days four days a week and then have one off. If you are seconded onto a site where you do increased hours, an uplift in salary is provided."
Experienced, Leeds
"I work a normal seven and a half hour day and there's flexibility with hours. Staff are allowed to work where they can be as effective as being in the office. For example, if a working parent needs time at home then they are able to discuss how they will do this with their line managers. If the flexible arrangement is likely to be permanent, staff can apply for a change in their standard terms and conditions, which is not normally refused without good reason."
Environment, Experienced, Cambridge
"I choose to work four days a week to maintain a good work/life balance. My employer is generally quite flexible with regard to the hours worked. Sadly, the company doesn't have flexi-time. But, provided you put the hours in and get the work done, there is a good degree of informal flexibility about how and when you fit the weekly hours in."
Experienced, Cambridge
"We have a flexible working schedule. You can arrive slightly late if you leave slightly late as well. Sometimes you end up working overtime because of project needs and those hours are not paid. They can, however, be used to negotiate salary and leave days. There's good sickness leave and good annual leave."
Graduate, Croydon
"My work hours are typically 9.00 am to 5.30 pm with one hour for lunch. This does vary if I am out on site but you are normally told to finish early the next week to make up for it. The company is very flexible and allows you to work from home or take time off for appointments etc and work up the hours that week. Typically, you are expected to be in the office between 9.30 am and 3.30 pm, although this is flexible."
Graduate, Cardiff
"We don't have formal flexible working but there is a lot of informal flexible working."
Experienced, London


"If I need to change hours, start or finish late then this is acceptable, assuming that it does not impact on my project work."
Graduate, Leeds
"Hours can be very flexible but this is dependent on your manager. Most are flexible when it comes to your location and working hours so long as you keep them informed and get the work done."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"The company is very flexible and my manager allows me to choose when to start and finish provided I complete my mandatory office hours."
Graduate, Southampton
"There's lots of flexibility. Depending on your team, so long as you work the correct number of hours, you may adjust your work hours within reason."
Graduate, Cardiff
"I work 37.5 hours a week excluding lunch. The company is flexible on hours worked and lots of people in my office (men and women) work reduced hours to fit around childcare commitments. Not many people stay working late."
Graduate, Cambridge
"I don't personally get flexible hours and have to work a pretty set 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. I wish that I could accumulate hours during the week to take the occasional short day."
Graduate, Southampton
"My manager is very flexible with working hours but this isn't a company-wide policy."
Graduate, Cardiff
"Most teams allow staff to start between 7.00 am and 10.00 am and finish between 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm. It's generally up to you but your start and end times may vary according to your project and manager."
Graduate, Croydon


"I work 9:00am-5:30pm in the Croydon office. In my role there is not much travelling around and the office are very flexible with working hours, (if you arrive early you can leave early)."
Graduate, Croydon
"My hours are relatively flexible; I can leave early on a day and make it up the next day."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"The core hours are from 9:00am until 4:00pm, with flexibility around for 7.5 hour day. Flexibility depends on the project and the timescales you are working to."
Graduate, Reading
"They are very flexible with working hours as long as you don't play the system. Expect to work a minimum of 37.5 hours a week however this will change depending on the project and deadline that need to be hit."
Entry level, London
"As long as 37.5 hours are worked, within reason, you can leave the office early on a certain day to pursue leisure activities, as long as the time is caught up on other days. Often the company will encourage you to have a good work/life balance, because it is likely to improve productivity when you're in the office."
Graduate, Glasgow
"There is good flexibility once you have proved you are capable of delivering, as one would expect. I do spend a lot of time commuting (four hours plus a day), mainly due to the client. I do accept that this won't be forever though, and the company is supportive in giving me scope to work from an office closer to home."
Midlevel, Reading
"The company doesn't have a flexi-time arrangement, but most managers are happy for you to come in at 7:00am and leave early. I have rarely worked overtime on project work. However, graduates have to work towards their chartership in their own time."
Graduate, Altrincham
"Our working hours are relatively flexible. As long as you work your specified hours, you can decide how you want to spread them across the week. You may choose to start at 8:00am if you want to finish early. Or you may work longer hours one day in order to leave early on another."
Graduate, Birmingham
"I typically don't do any overtime unless it's absolutely necessary. Which is fantastic as nobody wants to regularly stay in the office for an extra half an hour every night for something that could be left until the next day! My boss is extremely flexible when it comes to working hours, allowing us to work late in the evening and then leave early/come in late the next day if it suits our schedule better!"
Graduate, Glasgow
"I have often been told not to stay in the office past six unless I absolutely have to."
Graduate, Sheffield
"Standard work hours are 37.5 hours a week. As a base line it is not flexible, with 8:30am to 5:30pm hours, however, in my experience, given a good reason managers are willing to allow moderate flexibility on occasional circumstances where necessary and where time can be made up."
Graduate, Shifnal
"The company is flexible within reason. There is an expectation that you will work more than your contracted hours during busy times."
Midlevel, Norwich
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