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7.6 / 10

(based on 62 ratings in 2018)


"The office has been recently renovated, making it a comfortable place to work in. Certain technological issues remain, however (ie boardroom projectors don't work and laptops sometimes can't connect). The dress code is standard workplace attire (I wear a shirt and suit trousers) and casual Fridays are in place where the dress code is significantly relaxed."
Graduate, Croydon
"My office is one of the newer ones and it's a pleasant environment. We have a clean and open-plan hot-desk style office with decent facilities and a good location. There are green plants around some of the furniture to break up the Ikea feel and we have free tea/coffee/cordial refreshments and office fruit deliveries twice a week. Some of the other offices aren't as modern but I think there's a programme to update, or move from, those that are a bit tired."
Graduate, Cambridge
"The offices are usually very well located and well designed with shower rooms and bike storage. The dress code is more casual than at most similar organisations with Friday typically being a dress-down day."
Graduate, Cardiff
"We have very nice offices generally. If we move offices, employees are asked for feedback on their requirements to get us the best place for the people. The dress code is always formal."
Graduate, Reading
"The offices are designed for collaborative working, with informal non-bookable meeting pods available on all floors. From a welfare perspective, there are reflection rooms available for those who engage in prayer and meditation. A breakout area is also available with basic kitchen facilities. The dress code can be summarised as shirt, trousers and no tie, with Fridays being occasions to dress down to casual."
Graduate, Croydon, London
"The office is really nice and only a couple of years old. It is all open-plan and agile working means we move desks most days depending on who is in. There's lots of natural light, a large kitchen area and several meeting rooms. The dress code is generally smart day to day but suits aren't required (for grads at least). Most people dress down a bit on a Friday and we also have team cakes in the afternoon as a Friday treat. We also get free fruit three days a week, which is great."
Graduate, Cambridge
"I'm located in the city centre of Altrincham, which is an up-and-coming place that's very modern with great transport links. The office itself is fairly large and is well maintained and kept clean. Our dress code is smart and formal, though there is no need for a tie and blazer."
Entry level, Altrincham
"We have offices across the UK and some overseas, so there are chances for relocation. However, our HQ is in Croydon, which is not the nicest place, and the offices are many years old. If you want to be close to where decisions are made, you will have to go here."
Graduate, Croydon
"Our offices are usually based in city centres and are nice, clean and open-plan. The dress code differs between offices with some of them being more formal than others. Ties are optional and many offices have dress-down Fridays."
Experienced, Birmingham
"The Bristol office is a very modern and open-plan office while Southampton is very dated, so offices do vary. The dress code is smart casual and suits are not expected for men."
Graduate, Bristol


"I work in the Leeds office, which is located in a very central area and has good access to the city centre and public transport links. Our dress code ranges but tends to be smart casual so not full suits but a shirt and trousers or skirt/dress."
Graduate, Leeds
"The offices are really nice in Scotland, with Glasgow being moved to St Vincent Plaza. The facilities are endless with showers, locker space, dryers, large kitchens with breakout areas, toilets on all floors, equipment at your desk and plenty of space. The dress code is quite formal but casual on Fridays in Edinburgh."
Graduate, Edinburgh
"I'm in the Cambridge office building, which is brand new and nicely fitted out (we did the building design!). The location is good and very near to public transport with lots of local amenities. There isn't a formal dress code but most men wear a smart shirt (open at the collar) with smart trousers and women dress equivalently."
Graduate, Cambridge
"The Sheffield office has recently been refurbished and is a really great place to work, right in the city centre. The dress code is normal business wear but ties are optional and not usually worn. The dress code is more casual on Fridays."
Graduate, Sheffield
"The Norwich office is open-plan with employees sitting in groups of up to six to encourage collaboration. The facilities are good with a kitchen and space to relax. Monday to Thursday is smart dress with Fridays being dress down so you can come in more casual wear (eg jeans and a t-shirt)."
Graduate, Norwich
"The office space is great in Bristol. Tables are well spread out while still keeping you close to your team and we have kitchens and break out areas for lunch and breaks. There are enough printing, scanning and photocopying facilities for everyone and they're easy to use. If you walk/jog to work then you can wear sporty clothing and change once you get to the office as there are changing rooms and showers available."
Graduate, Bristol
"The Cambridge office is very close to the train station and has all the facilities that you would require except for a canteen. In Peterborough's Anglian Water office there is a canteen as well as free vending machines for hot drinks. The dress code is smart but we have dress down Fridays where we can dress a bit more casually."
Graduate, Peterborough


"All of the offices differ. I am in a modern and open-plan office with great facilities. Each employee has a large desk, their own drawer space, laptop/computer facilities and multiple screens if required. The dress code varies from formal to smart casual depending on the activity being undertaken."
Graduate, Leeds
"The Cambridge office has good space, location and mediocre facilities. Dress code is smart (shirt and trousers/equivalent for women) but a suit is not required every day. We are moving to a new office next year, which will be more modern."
Graduate, Cambridge
"We have open plan offices to encourage collaboration. Relaxed dress code, usually shirt and trousers. Casual on Fridays or if on site."
Graduate, Aberdeen
"Location of the office is perfect for me as there are a lack of opportunities of this nature in Brighton. Facilities are good, though with the potential for updating certain aspects."
Graduate, Brighton
"The offices are well located, clean and spacious. The dress code is smart/casual or smart. It is a good environment to work in that is kept in order by the office manager."
Graduate, Birmingham
"Our offices are almost always near railway stations, so access is good both for projects and getting to the office daily. Most are comfortable but not luxurious. Dress code is relatively relaxed - no tie or jacket needed unless your client demands it."
Graduate, Cambridge
"Locations are generally great, offices themselves can be a bit old. Dress code is relaxed, although dependent upon office."
Graduate, Cambridge
"I am located in Croydon (not exactly the most glamorous of settings) but it allows me to live in London and commute out within half an hour. The dress code is fairly relaxed. Monday-Thursday it is normally shirt/smart trousers but no tie and Fridays are "dress down day" meaning a pair of old jeans and a jumper will suffice (provided you're not seeing a client!)"
Graduate, Croydon
"Office space is satisfactory, although does lack an area to sit and eat over lunch. Office location is great with the city centre being a stone's throw away. Dress code is open collar shirt, and every Friday is 'dress down'."
Graduate, Sheffield
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